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Nov 29, 2008 07:44 AM

Visiting from Boston for the first time. Recommendations?

I'll be visiting New Orleans for a weekend in December. What are the places that I absolutely must check out? I'm usually up for just about anything, but I like to eat at places that are unique to the area.

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  1. New Orleans has some great restaurants and quite a few are unique to the City.

    It would help to know a few things about your trip.

    Where will you be staying?
    Car, or does the rec. need to be within cab, public trans, walking distance?
    Any $ amount?
    Casual, funky, elegant?
    Days of the week might also rule out a few places.

    Most of all, dine well and have a great time,


    1. A few of my favorites:

      Napoleon House (lunch casual)
      Stella (elegant dinner)
      Bon Ton (lunch or dinner)
      Parkway (poboys - casual)
      NoLa Grocery (very casual - take out cajun meat poboys)

      1. Jacques-Imo
        Feelings Cafe
        Tommy's Cuisine
        Eleven Seventy-Nine

        1. Petunia's for breakfast
          Also Cafe Amelie is great for brunch