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Nov 29, 2008 07:38 AM

TN: Fruit Brandies from St. George (not flavored, but distilled from the fruit itself)

St. George "Heirloom" 5-Year Old Apple Brandy: OK, let me preface this by saying I absolutely LOVE Calvados, the fabled apple brandy from the Normandy region of France. This is not Calvados, but neither was I expecting it to be. The bouquet, interestingly, reminded me of pure Granny Smith apples (a variety not used in Calvados). I never asked what apples they actually use for this, and I could be totally wrong, but for me, the character of tart, green apples dominated both the nose and mouth. Good, but it won't replace my beloved Calvados.

St. George "De Profundis" 20-Year Old Pear Brandy: Aged in French oak for 20 years, pure pear in the nose, like the eau de vie, but much more complex, rich and -- truly outstanding!

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  1. Do they have blackberry?

    I guess 'TN' escaped my radar. The only think I can think it means is an abbreviation for a state. And I know St. George is in CA not TN. What does that stand for? This is all I could find and none would apply.

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      I'm assuming it's Tasting Notes.

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        They've never made Mûre (Blackberry) that I've seen. You can learn more at

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          I *believe* at one point they MAY have made a blackberry eau-de-vie, but not at aged brandy such as these.

        2. Have you tried the Germain-Robin Apple Brandy XO?

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            Yes, and it's certainly closer to what I would have anticipated . . .

            Again, it's not Calvados, but neither would I expect it to be, and just as G-R's Alambic is a very fine alternative to Cognac, their Apple XO is delicious.

            St. George's strength is pear.