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Nov 29, 2008 07:29 AM

Potato quality issues, store purchased questions. [moved from Home Cooking board]

Has anyone noticed any decline in their potato quality?

Unless my taste buds are warped, I noticed a few brands of potatoes have a hint of an off flavor to that of a mold. Any similar experiences?

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  1. I've been buying my potatoes at the greenmarket, so can't comment on the quality of store-purchased potatoes, but I have to say that I have noticed a decline in the quality of some potato chips. I love potato chips but I'm very picky about them. I usually buy Cape Cod, Utz, or Lays chips and have noticed many more "gross" chips lately -- i.e. chips with green edges, burnt areas, lots of peel, malformed, etc.

    1. I bought a bag of russets on Monday to make potato salad and half of the potatoes had a green tint. The potato salad didn't taste like potatoes at all. It had no taste and that is really weird since it had lots of celery, eggs, onions, and mayo. Do you think it could be the potatoes?? Really dissapointed since it took so long to make.

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        Spuds turn green when exposed to supermarket lighting. If you store them in the dark, the green disappears after several days. DO NOT eat the green parts as they can be toxic; cut or peel them away. Adam

      2. You probably got some leftover from last years crop, there were some bad potatoes still in the market from that awful crop here this early fall. The last month or so you can tell they're so much fresher, as in freshly picked. I think Idaho was the culprit.

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          ""I think Idaho was the culprit.""

          If you are talking about the variety, Idaho is my choice. Bad potatoes, awful/last years crop, is starting to make some sense.

        2. I bought a 5 lb. bag last year where each potato was about half black under the can't really tell they're yucky with the skin still on.

          1. The quality of potatoes is declining annually. Bruised, harvesting gashes and most of all large black soft areas.
            Are we exporting our best potatoes now?. Yesterday in the local store I inspected 3 bags of " Yellow Potatoes " in which a third of the bag contained green skinned potatoes.
            We had rice for dinner.