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Nov 29, 2008 07:27 AM

An unadventurous eater at Komi?

Anyone have a story of being with (or being!) a non-chowish diner at the revered seafood-heavy Mediterranean prix-fixe establishment? It's my first choice for a birthday dinner, but I fear that my wife would not be as enthusiastic as every other person who's ever been there has been.

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  1. Without knowing your wife's particular preferences it's hard to say, but I don't think it should be too painful. You're probably better off ordering a la carte instead of getting the tasting menu so you have more control over what you'll be eating. They have wonderful pasta dishes and usually a beef and potatoes and/or a chicken option, so even if she's not into some of the mezze she shouldn't go home hungry. They do ask for your food preferences when they take your reservation and do their best to accommodate them.

    1. My wife is not a chowish diner but knowing that dinner cost $105, she at least tried each dish, and to her surprise, liked the seafood stuff. The seafood at Komi is fresh, and in very small portions, which makes it much easier to stomach. Normally my wife would take one bite of my seafood just to taste it. At Komi, that's all you get!! Whether she likes it or not, no food's going to waste!

      1. I would agree; she still would like it. If you don't want to do a la carte, I'd have her order the smaller version of the tasting menu (not the full tasting); the full tasting has more of the 'exotic' courses than the smaller tasting menu - should be fine.

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          They don't have an a la carte option. They were referring to the smaller tasting option where you have control over the pasta, main course and dessert but the mezze are all still predetermined.