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Nov 29, 2008 06:54 AM

Late night dining at Craigie

As one who has complained about the dearth of quality late night dining options for as long as anyone would listen, I am delighted to put the word out about Craigie on Main (the new Craigie Street Bistro). Anyone who reads this board knows the food is excellent. The big change in the new location is the addition of a world class cocktail bar, featuring full menu dining as well as an excellent bar menu served UNTIL MIDNIGHT TUES - SUN!

We skulked in last night at around 10:45, fingers crossed, hoping for a bit to eat, and found we had plenty of time. We put together a beautiful mini 3-course meal from the bar menu: cured sea trout tartare, followed by marinated sardines and grilled heads-on shrimp, and finished with a great cheese plate.

Let it be known, there is now great bar dining available without compromise in Cambridge until midnight. It's about time.

PS: In the past, I was never able to go to Craigie Street as often as I'd have liked because dinner there always ended up costing a bundle. The bar at the new place makes it much more possible to spend less money.

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  1. Maybe not on a par with Craigie, but Dante and the Monday Club Bar at Upstairs are open until midnight too.

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    1. re: pollystyrene

      Actually, we went to Dante before Craigie, at about 10:30, and were told the kitchen was closed. Maybe they had a staff emergency on the holiday weekend...?

      1. re: jajjguy

        Yeah, funny how many of those emergencies come about on holidays. Argh. I think it's highly unprofessional to close before closing time.

    2. We had those shrimp last night too. Ed had the cheeseburger that was a special last evening. He said he has not had a better burger.

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      1. re: BostonZest

        It seems to have been a Craigie night -- I was there too. Had the one vegetarian entree - crispy polenta with vegetables - which was quite fine. I followed with the cheese plate, which was well chosen and served at the right temperature -- too rare. The mixologists still seem to be getting their new cocktails down but were working with the concentration of lab workers. Very promising. BB

        1. re: bombaybeauty

          I had the vegetarian entree too- it was buckwheat polenta grilled and served with a wonderful pumpkin sauce. Each side vegetable was perfectly cooked. I went in ready to try the vegetarian entree because of another conversation on this board complaining about the menu in relation to vegetarians. It was really a wonderful plate that I would be happy to have again.

          1. re: BostonZest

            I still savor CSB's chef's whim as one of my favorite vegetarian meals ever...especially when mushrooms are in season. They can do it all :)

            1. re: MaineRed

              yeah, my standard line about Craigie is that they do things with mushrooms and soft eggs that make my teeth sweat (and neither of those used to be favored ingredients for me).

      2. The big question (in my mind): Is there a burger on the menu?

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        1. re: ecwashere7

          Yes, on the bar menu (from the website):

          The Best Burger $15
          local grass-fed beef, Cantal cheese, home-made bun, crispy onion rings

          I haven't tried it but I was at the bar last night and all of the food around me smelled and looked incredible. Great atmosphere, too.

          1. re: cambridgejen

            That sound exactly like the Burger Ed had on Friday. Maybe they were trying it as a special. His was $18.00 and I think I remember a layer of greens too.

            I saw at least three of them ordered around on while we were there.

            1. re: BostonZest

              It's been offered as a special both times I've been there, around a week apart. So it may be a regular offering.