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Nov 29, 2008 05:40 AM

Need inexpensive resto in Orlando for large group

Trying to help my little brother plan a casual rehersal dinner for 15 people in Orlando. Any cuisine other than Indian will work, and beer/wine (byob would be great) would be more economical.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. FYI this would take place in February.

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  1. Orlando is huge. Where in Orlando are you thinking of hosting the rehearsal?

    1. No bottle clubs in Orlando, but most places will arrange a corkage fee if you have special wines you would like to bring in. Often, that does not work out to be economical, but remember that a rehearsal dinner doesn't always mean "open bar".

      Please post back on what area of town, as Tampa Aurora mentioned. Feb is smack in the middle of tourist season here, so you should be locking something in quickly.


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        Any part of Orlando proper really, but mostly in and around the downtown area. Nothing West, but maybe as far East as Waterford Lakes. No Cleremont, Apopka, anything like that.

        Hope that clears this up. Only thing I can think of is maybe one of Vietnamese places off of Colonial that only serve beer/wine.

        1. re: Corporate_40

          Might I suggest working with a restaurant to come up with an abbreviated menu for your group? Your group would be given a separate menu custom printed, usually with "Congrats to bride name and groom name" or "welcome to the bride name and groom name rehearsal dinner". You would work out a variety of options in your brother's price range to provide menu items in the categories you would like to offer (soup or salad, apps, or just entree and dessert.)

          This will also allow some control with wine and beer, limiting your party to the selections that you are able to pay for. Anyone wanting something from the bar would start a separate tab, which the wait staff would be instructed a head of time to inform the guest upon inquiry.

          Your party would then have the flexibility to go anywhere. Harvey's Bistro downtown and the Tap Room at Dubstread are both happy to accommodate such requests, I know from personal experience. Dubstread has a great happy hour. I'm sure that if you call to any of the managers at Graze, Fifi's, City Fish, Hue, etc. downtown, that they would work with you to stay within your budgeted allotment.