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Nov 29, 2008 05:02 AM

Citarella's Turkey Gravy

Well, after a Chinese meal at Chin Chin on Thanksgiving (they did offer some sort of turkey dinner), I was craving the real thing. Went to Citarella yesterday afternoon to buy what I needed and, realizing that I probably wouldn't have the time or the inclination to make gravy, bought a tub of their turkey gravy for our roast chicken, mashed potatoes, etc. It was really very, very good.

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  1. I found a much better option this year at the Blue Ribbon Market. I tried Citarella's once and found it as bland and unexciting as their soups and pasta sauces. I guess these things are subjective...

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    1. re: sing me a bar

      Well, that is good to know though. I don't buy their soups or pasta sauces really - occasionally some demi glace - but thought this turkey gravy was well seasoned. Gravy isn't something that I think of as being exciting, per se, but rather comforting. It could, of course, be that I was just so happy to have Thanksgiving dinner at last, that I mistasted! I'll post back if I change my mind after having some of it with leftovers.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Respectfully, gravy is like ice cream or sex. It is never really THAT bad!

    2. A few years back I prepared a mostly “shortcut” Thanksgiving, since I was still recuperating from surgery, and bought the Citarella turkey gravy. The family had no idea it wasn’t homemade. They thought it very good as well. My only problem was that it contained giblets and my mother doesn’t “do” giblets. Had to put it in the Cuisinart for her.

      I also buy their demi glace on occasion and have had success with that, too. Never tried the soups or sauces either.

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      1. re: JoanN

        I haven't tried Citarella's gravy but I did buy some from Eli's this year, against my better judgement as it was quite expensive!...but I just didn't have the wherewithal to make it. I have to say it was really excellent with perfect consistency and a real depth of flavor. I would definitely buy it again...and probably will...!

        1. re: keving

          Just as a point of comparison, the Citarella one was $4.99 for a pint. Ingredients: turkey stock, giblets, butter, flour, sherry, salt, fresh time and spices. And I am so annoyed at myself for forgetting to add it to my mash of oyster dressing, peas and mashed potatoes at lunch!

          1. re: MMRuth

            I guess I got had comparatively! The Blue Ribbon Bakery was $8 for a tiny little container that was certainly not a pint. It was close to TG and I was vulnerable; I was eager to have some in the fridge in case my gravy failed, which it did! Still, I bought 3 containers, so now I feel like the dunce. $24 for maybe a pint and a half!

      2. Hate to disagree, but we found the gravy to be the one disappointment in our Thanksgiving meal from Citarella. Everything else we ordered - turkey, sausage stuffing, butternut squash puree, various green sides - was truly outstanding. I found the gravy, though, to be too gelatinous & thick and kind of reminded me more of diner/cafeteria style than of homemade. But hey, it's all subjective!

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        1. re: billyeats

          I heated some up yesterday for a turkey sandwich, and while it was thick and gelatinous when cold, it was nice and runny heated up. But, as you say, it is subjective. Good to know that the rest of the meal was so good.

          1. re: MMRuth

            I recall that you are not a Gourmet Garage fan, and I have plenty of problems with them, but their gravy is excellent. I cook, cook, cook but can't stand making gravy. And why bother when it's made, good, and reasonable. I believe it was $7.99 a quart.

            1. re: City Kid

              You recall correctly (grin), but that is good to know. Thanks.