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Nov 29, 2008 02:41 AM

Chimichanga on Yonge near Eg

Had lunch there yesterday. Not expecting much, just sat at the bar and ordered lunch. The decor is v. urban chic-ish, not mexican at all. I was handed a huge, laminated menu, in my opinion not a good sign. You see, I cooked Mexican for a living here in TO under the auspices of Chris McDonald, so my standards are pretty high.

Had the enchilades verde with beef. Sided with pinto beans cooked in pork, rice and topped with tomatillo sauce, cheese, sour cream, fresh tomato and onion.

Fantastic! As good as any mexican i've ever had in TO.

I'll def go back just to see them make fresh guac tableside. They told me they muddle it in one of those cool mexican mortar/pestle dishes.

Check it out if you enjoy good mexican. Oh, and they have a killer looking tequila list, too.

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  1. Hmmm... I was just looking over at Chimichanga's yesterday and wondering what it was like. I go for the veg dishes but if you say the side of pinto was good, that's a good sign. I just checked out the menu ( and it looks very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm definitely going to try it out.

    1. Next time, ask them for a selection of their salsas to try. They make them in-house, and they are extremely good. Very fresh tasting witih really good heat.

      1. likescrab, have you been to Frida on Eglinton? I'd love to know how Chimichanga compares with Frida, which has excellent, supposedly authentic Mexican food at way-too-high prices. A group of four of us ate there shortly after it opened and enjoyed our meals, but found the cost to be inconsistent with the neighbourhood and the quantity of food, and have yet to return because of this.

        Chimichanga's prices seem quite a bit lower than Frida's; just wondering whether the authenticity and the quality are there.

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        1. re: Tatai

          Haven't had a chance to try Frida's yet, but have heard only good things about it. Not true. I've heard the service is horrendous and the wait time interminable. That being said, if the foods good, I'm happy.

          Do you have an address for Fridas?

        2. Wow, I'm surprised to read this. The take-out location they used to have down near Yonge & Dundas was dreadful, and I've read nothing but mixed to poor reviews of the Yonge & Eg location. Maybe there have been some changes since they were last reviewed.

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          1. re: gregclow

            I was pretty surprised too. Perhaps I'll have to try it as well.


            1. re: gregclow

              Is it really the same chain as the one that was down town? I tried that one while it lasted and the burritos were a messy, mixed up, leaky disaster. It's hard to believe that this place (which sounds like high end Mexican/fusion-something----that serves a spinach and portobello mushroom burrito!!) is related to the one that used to be down at Y & D which was very fast-food in its approach.

              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                Yeah, I'm pretty sure the two places were owned by the same people. The Yonge & Dundas location opened first, followed by the Yonge & Eg spot a few months later. They shared a few menu items, such as Baja Fish Tacos.

                1. re: gregclow

                  Did you want your order with 'real cheese' or 'gourmet cheese'? Please.

                  I guess in the future I'll implore hubby to make the guac at our table. Again. Please.

                  They obviously have some doppelganger issues they need to deal with.

                  1. re: Googs

                    'real cheese' or 'gourmet cheese'???? LOL

                    But I don't have a problem with making the guac at the table...sounds fine to me.

              2. re: gregclow

                Now i'm not sure if they have another location. The owner didn't say so and he had a lot to say!

                Oops, sorry, the stuff I've heard about Frida wasn't about Frida but about El Sol or Del Sol out on the Danforth. I've obnly heard good things about Frida. Thanks for the link!

              3. So I tried Chimichanga's for dinner and I have to say, I'm with likescrab---it's really good! We had the shrimp quesadilla, venetian veggie chimichanga and the spinach & portobello enchilada. Very tasty stuff. It surprised me when they confirmed that they are the same place as the one that existed down at Yonge & Dundas but just goes to show some places can't do takeout well. Oh, and the table staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Overall, I'd say there is no sit-in Mexican food in Toronto I like more; I'd definitely go back.

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                1. re: Ediblethoughts

                  Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that the service was outstanding, friendly, professional, laid back in the best sense of the word.