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Pizza recommendation at 39th near 2nd Ave.

That's where I am. Where do I want to go for the best pizza within manageable walking distance? Any speciality I should order?

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  1. Pizza 33 is on the corner of 33rd & 3rd. I've never tried it, but there are Hounds who think the pizza there is very good.

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      Their large cheese pizza is $17.50 which is a tad ridiculous. It's good. Nothing to rave about.

    2. For sit down thin crust, there's a Dean's on Second at 43rd. For slices I would say Pizza 33.

      1. You can go to 99 cent fresh pizza on 43rd, b/w 3rd & lex. It's not going to be the best slice of all time, but it will be dirt cheap and piping hot.

        Pizza 33 is good, but I don't understand the hype. Their plain is the only slice worth getting, and even that is overrated and over-priced.

        1. I don't think pizza 33 is worth recommending. In fact I would recommend avoiding it.

          The best pizza within walking distance is at DaCiro which is 33rd and Lex. All their pizza is excellent, but their white pizza (with ricotta cheese and white truffle oil) is simply amazing. They don't deliver.

          Vezzo is a bit further south on Lex and they do a very good thin crust - and I think you'll be on the edge of their delivery zone.

          There's a Totonno's outpost on 2nd in the high 20s, not as good as the Cony Island original, but still pretty good.

          And for your everyday NYC slice, we go to Librettos on 36th and 3rd. Nothing earth-shattering here, just the standard NYC pizza joint.

          To me, all of these of these are better options than Pizza 33.

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            I'm glad someone else feels that way about 33. Libretto's is good too, but in that general area, I think I'd choose Rosa's on 34th & 2nd over Libretto's.

            Vezzo is decent, but nothing special. I'd go with a regular slice joint over this place.

            1. re: chet steadman

              I disagree on Vezzo. I like their cracker-crust pizza a good deal, and the place is quite cheap. As for Pizza 33, I actually think they're probably a bit better than average but definitely not all that good. Da Ciro sounds amazing, and I'll have to try it.

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                I'm not a fan of Vezzo. I like pizza with the thin sllightly charred crust found at places like Lombardi's and Arturos, but Vezzo's crust is excessively thin. It's more like matzoh with sauce on top. I think the crust should have at least a little bit of "chew" to it.

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                  I respect your opinion on Vezzo and their cracker crust (more like a cracker than like matzo). I must say, though, I haven't liked Lombardi's and find their crust too thick. I do like Arturo's.

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              Thanks for the DaCiro mention. We've walked past it many times and being a sucker for white pizza, I'll give this a shot .... especially since you mentioned truffle oil!

            3. Just to add, I checked the menu at Daciro again and the "white pizza" i was referring to is called: FOCACCIA ROBIOLA DI CIRO and just reading the description on the menu makes my mouth water. But I do have to warn NYC style pizza lovers that it's much more rustic/traditional take on pizza (thinner crust, etc) than NY style.

              I think Vezzo comes down to how you like your pizza. It's definitely super-thin crust, but their ingredients are all fresh, and they don't skimp on the toppings. When I'm looking for thin crust, it's definitely top of the list.

              As for Rosa's maybe it's returned to it's past performance. I used to order from them frequently, but I stopped going there about two years ago when they started becoming wildly inconsistent. One of the worst pizzas I've ever had was from Rosa's so I stopped going. Anyone else experience this?

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                We take our kids to St Vartans park on 35th and 3rd and stop by Rosas for pizza only when we must. The pizza is not good and the guys who work there are less then friendly. I would never order from here.

                1. re: princeofpork

                  Perhaps it's not good anymore. I haven't been in some time.

                  1. re: chet steadman

                    i have to disagree about rosa's, at least regarding the quality of the grandma pies. we order grandma pies from there quite often (last order was 2 weeks ago), and they're excellent. perhaps the other kinds of pizza aren't good, but a grandma from rosa's is one of my favorite pies in the city.

              2. Naples 45 behind grand central has amazing pizza. This is a restaurant with a take out counter that sells slices. I like to get personal pies for around $7. My favorite is the quattro formaggi.

                I never used to be a fan of Pizza 33 but have gotten it recently and can definitely recommend the margherita and the grandma slices.

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                1. re: ESNY

                  I second both these suggestions, though I've only tried the two Pizza 33 branches on 23rd street.

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                    The lasagna (ground beef) slice at Pizza 33 is pretty good. You need to get slices though, it needs a 2nd blast of heat to crisp up the crust. The times I've had it delivered, I've actually put the pizza straight into the toaster oven (even though it was delivered hot obviously).

                    Liberto's is ok, especially for personal size pies. Lately we've been ordering from Patsy's on 3rd Ave between 33rd and 34th. It's over-priced, but so is everything else in the neighborhood.

                    I need to keep Vezzo in mind next time I order. I always forget about that place and I really like their crust!

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                      I tried the ziti slice at Pizza 33, and it was weird. Sure, it was OK, but would I get it again? No, I don't think so. I'd rather have either pizza OR ziti. :-)

                      1. re: Pan

                        I'm with Pan on this -- pasta on pizza just doesn't work for me.

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                          I can't bring myself to eat pasta on pizza. That's got to be a 900 calorie slice!

                          1. re: heWho

                            I don't have a problem with the calorie count, but ziti pizza just doesn't taste good. It sounds like it should, but it just doesn't work in practice.