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Nov 28, 2008 06:50 PM

Do I have to be a movie star to get a table at Chateau Marmont?

I saw the recent article in the LA Times about the restaurant at Chateau Marmont. I have always wanted to go here, the patio looks beautiful. My wife thinks we have to be movie stars to get this true? Are some nights better than others? Any suggestions (even from actual movie stars) would be helpful. Thanks!

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  1. Been twice, never had a problem with reservations (never even thought about using my credit card concierge).

    Just call and ask. What are they going to do? Ask for your SAG card?

    1. Just call and make a reservation. It's that easy.

      1. when my gf made a reservation there, she said it was easy to make a reservation but she reported that they had a loooooooooooooot of attitude.

        also - don't get tricked by the valet on sunset. there are two valets - one "non-hotel" valet on sunset that looks like it's affiliated with the hotel. drive right past him up the hill to the "real" valet. the parking at the hotel is cheaper and you don't have to hike up the hill to get there.

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          Last time I was there, about three years ago, the charge to park at the hotel was at least $18, not including tip. And be very careful about finding supposedly legal parking on surrounding streets -- there are a myriad of conflicting rules, there is neighborhood zoning that requires a permit after 10 p.m., and there are tow trucks that convert even minor infractions into two hundred buck + hassles. And they don't validate, even for hotel guests. Sorry, SIV, I don't need that attitude to watch stars smoke.

        2. I am not a movie star and I go about twice a month. Just call and make a reservation. Their food is surprisingly delicious. Risotto Balls with black truffle. Good salads. Fish, etc. When making a reservation make sure you specify you would like to eat in the outdoor patio.

          1. agree with other posts, its pretty easy to get a res

            chateau has always been one of my favorite hotels since they generally only let in guests and people going for lunch/dinner, so its not a total zoo

            the food is decent, i wouldnt call it exceptional by any means, but its a great place to have a bite, drink some wine and relax with some friends....the patio is great; one thing i also like is they don't play any music, which sounds sort of weird, but it works out very well