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Nov 28, 2008 05:51 PM

Seeking suggestions in Seattle

I am a restaurant manager in Baltimore and will be relocating to Seattle in the spring. I have a recon trip planned at the end of January. Im trying to plan a romantic night out with a wonderful woman I met my last time in seattle and I am looking for some suggestions. Both of us are big foodies however I am an omnivore and she is a pescatarian.

Ive read lots of threads on here about all the best restaurants for food, and it appears there are a lot of options in seattle for us. I am looking for some suggestions that take into account the atmosphere. Id like something kind of quaint and personal but not at the expense of the food.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. The upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market. (Same menu as the white table cloth downstairs but very rustic/romantic.)

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      I concur speaking as a pescatarian myself... great choice! The salmon is amazing and it's dimly lite and if you go at the right time it feels like the two of you are completely alone. =)

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      1. max's is a great suggestion. also osteria la spiga in capitol hill neighborhood. romantic, beautiful, delicious & memorable!

        1. La Spiga is good, although Service is slow.
          If you have a car about 25 blocks from downtown; Cafe Flora where a vegetarian gets more than one choice and an omnivore can have the portobello wellington or the potatoe tacos and be happy.

          Seattle has a wealth of fish options; My favorite sushi place, which is a neighborhood place is Mashiko's in West Seattle; there are numerous good ones that are not quite as intense.
          I'd check what the vegetarian options are but "Le Gourmand" in Ballard started the french treatment of local stuff and is still great. To be avoided if your companion can't do cream.

          The Tom Douglas chain also has atmosphere without being stuffy; try the Dahlia Lounge.

          1. Whats the atmosphere like at Lark? I like the menu and there are a lot of options we can share which i personally find romantic.

            Is this place not for romantic?

            thanks for all the input

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              I suppose Lark could be considered romantic, but be aware that they don't take reservations (nor does the estimable Palace Kitchen, also a good choice), so think how romantic it is to stand around outside while you wait. The good thing is the same ownership for Licorous (sp?) next door, which is an OK bar where you can at least get out of the rain and have a drink while you await your table.

              In the atmospheric-small-plates-places-with-no-reservations-but-bars-next-door category, you might also want to consider How to Cook a Wolf in Queen Anne -- I haven't been but everyone seems to like it.

              1. re: pusherman

                I wouldn't call Lark particularly romantic. Ambience is kind of plain. Food is great, though, and since you're both foodies, it'll probably make for a great start to an evening. Bon appetit (both before and after you eat...)