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Nov 28, 2008 05:29 PM

best ciabatta and crusty rolls on the west side??

i've been lo-carbing ot for a while so don't know what the best is out there currently. have heard varying reports regarding il fornaio, le pain quotidean, that la brea isn't the same since it's been sold. i'm making grilled flank steak sandwiches and grilled sausages, with grilled onions, mushrooms, etc. as toppings. what bread is the right choice?

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  1. I think Breadbar makes the best bread in LA. Try the Tuscan Petit for sandwiches.

    1. I can't stand the weird passive-aggressive snobby attitude at Bread Bar. Amandine's is my "house" baguette

      My Italian BF says Ralph's ciabatta is pretty good.

      1. Bay Cities makes a great crusty roll, not sure about their ciabatta or if they even make one.

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          Bay Cities rolls are wonderful and incredibly reasonably priced. You need to buy them that day -- they get hard if you look at them sideways. They are crusty, have texture and flavor, and will stand up to flank steak and not disintegrate from the (hopeful) juiciness. What they call "medium ficelles" can be halved into two very reaonable sandwiches, and are sold for all of 30-cents apiece, the large are huge and a dime more.

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            I buy a few and freeze them. To reheat I just put in a 450 degree oven for 3 minutes and then let it thaw the rest of the way on the counter, then I assemble sandwiches.

        2. Breadbar on 3rd for, in my opinion, the best crusty bread....the way it's meant to taste.
          Their walnut raisin is a must also.
          Oh...and those crazy Alpine rolls...:).

          1. Il Fornaio makes the best ciabatta by a mile.

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              I agree with Bob about the Ciabatta at Il Fornaio. However I must add that I like to pop it in the over for 5 minutes or so to make it crispy ( I like it that way ) It freezes very well too!