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Nov 28, 2008 05:23 PM

Mississippi I-55 Eats?

We'll be driving soon from Memphis to New Orleans and back on Interstate 55. What are some good chowing places to eat on or near the Interstate? All cusines are welcome.


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  1. That is a large area to cover (about 350 miles worth). Do you have any specific towns that you are interested in? When you say "near the Interstate" do you mean within 2 blocks or 2 miles? More information, please.

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    1. re: Sister Sue

      Anything within a few miles of the Interstate should be fair game. We'll be driving from southern Illinois, actually, but we know where we like to stop in Missouri and in Memphis. I don't know where we'll be stopping in Mississippi, since i last drove through there in 1976, and east to west at that. So, juke joints, barbecues, must-visit diners, whatever are all fair game. Hope this helps.

      1. re: dochoch

        most of my favorite places are at least 30 minutes one way from i-55... Oxford, MS for one. has a few good places to eat.

        Mayflower in Downtown Jackson would be good.

        I'll try to think of a few others.

        1. re: tater

          Julep is right off 55 at Northside Drive in Jackson, you'll like it!

          I love to eat there when I come down from Memphis...

        2. re: dochoch

          Closer to the Memphis end, Como, MS has a really great steakhouse. There's also good pizza there at Windy City Grill.

      2. Walkers is just a couple of blocks from the Interstate and is great.