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Nov 28, 2008 05:21 PM

Good St. Charles, Mo. Eats?

My family will be staying for a night in Earth City near St. Charles, Missouri. What's fairly nearby that would be good for a dinner for three? Any good Italian nearby?

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  1. Whether the Italian is "good" or not, is possibly more a function of where you are from and what you are used to.
    Your best bets in that area, are Frattelli's, in the Dierbergs Plaza off of Zumbehl Road south of highway 70. Errio's, off of Jungermann Road, or Tony's in the Downtown St.Charles area which is kind of American with some Italian influence.
    There are a Pizza place or two perhaps worth checking out but they are more casual and not as good I don't believe.
    St. Charles is not exactly a culinary destination to be honest.


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    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

      I agree, the restaurants in st. charles aren't that good but if you from a place that doesn't have good restaurants then the not-so-good restaurants in st. charles might be better than the not-so-good restaurants from where you live.

    2. If you're in Earth City, your options might be wider if you didn't cross the river into St. Chuck, but headed down I-70 or I-270 east or south. If you go south on 270 to Olive and turn right (west), there are two fine Italian spots, Paul Manno's and Il Bel Lago (fka Bellagio) , a swell Indian restaurant called Ruchi, and numerous other options. St. Charles is quite charming in the old town, but it is, indeed, a culinary destination.

      1. You're better off heading east on I-70 and south on I-270 for food. St. Charles isn't, quite true, exactly a culinary destination. Very charming in Old Town, but ....

        If you exit I-270 and go west, there are two very fine Italian restaurants, Paul Manno's and Il Bel Lago (fka Bellagio), a swell Indian place called Ruchi, and lots of other options. I'd drive the extra 10-15 minutes and eat better. But YMMV.

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          I can very much vouch for II Bel Lago. however, you are talking a totally different level of resuarant than the ones I mentioned above. Much nicer and more $.

          Where are you from and what price level are you looking for?


        2. St. Charles is too charming to be missed. So, I suggest either the Trailhead Brewery or Lewis And Clark. Trailhead has nice pub food. Lewis And Clark, owned by the same people, is in a renovated building that will fit in the mood of St. Charles. Save time for a before-dinner or an after-dinner stroll up and down Main Street and over to the River as well.

          1. We love Francesco's Pizza on Church Street in St. Peters. Great pizza and pasta. Also love Saullo's off Cave Springs Blvd. by Home Depot. Either are not a disappointment.