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Nov 28, 2008 05:13 PM

Peter Street location no longer Burrito Boyz?

I used to go there quite regularly but haven't been in a while. Just the other day I passed by and noticed the signage was a bit different. It said "burritos" but not "boyz". I went to their website and it mentions that the original location is no longer affiliated with Burrito Boyz.

Does anyone know the inside scoop? When did this happen? Has anyone eaten at the Peter Street location after the switchover?

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  1. I'll be watching this topic - I'm curious too

    All I can offer is the explanation from the website:

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    1. re: thora

      The 2 partners split. So now Burrito Boyz , is on adelaide and the one in streetsville. The one on Peter is going to be called something different, in process of finding a new name I heard. Been to both locations since split., and as of right now, both taste identical. I guess down the road there will be some healthy competition and we as consumers will be the benefactor of some tasty burrito's.

      1. re: visualhornet

        I had an odd experience today. I've been going to Burrito boyz every week for the last 6 months. I may have missed a few weeks in there somewhere, but generally, almost every week. I always go the Peter street location. today, when I did my normal "order a burrito ahead of time", since I don't like to wait, I came upon the website that said the one on Peter was no longer affiliated.. so I'm like, oh well, I'll just go to the one on Adelaide (which I'd been avoiding for so long because it seemed a longer lineup). In any case, this was only the 2nd burrito I had from the Adelaide location. To my suprise, it was the best burrito I'd had from burritoy boys. ever. It seemed much freshed and better than usual. I don't know how to explain it, but I have two possible theories:

        a) the walk to the adelaide location is only slightly shorter than the Peter street location. Perhaps with the Peter street location, the veg had more time to wilt, and wasn't as good?

        b) The Peter street location is tiny. I'm not sure how much of a kitchen it has. I noticed at Adelaide today that the trimmings were being replinished as I stood there, after being freshly cut from the prep guys in the back. So, in search of an answer as to why it was so good, I thought there might be a possibility that the Adelaide location was doing all the prep work, and then delivering it to the Peter street location, and then served whenever needed, as opposed to being freshly made.

        That would definately explain the difference. But after reading your post that it's always the same from both, I'm confused. I think I'm going to have to try the adelaide location a few more times and figure out if there's a difference!

        1. re: justpete

          The peter street was the first so they had to prep their own food for at least 6 months before the other opened so I do not see that as being the cause.. since the owners split you will have to try both several times to pick a winner as they are now both not what they used to be...

    2. It's now 2009. Any winners of the Peter Street 'Burrito Boyz' re-branding contest were supposed to have been notified by the last day of 2008. Does anyone know if there's a winner? Is there a new name for the restaurant? The website ( ) hasn't been updated recently.

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      1. re: torontovore

        I don't know, but I do know that the burritos' from the john (or is it Peter??) street location aren't as good as the ones from the one on Adelaide.. I don't go to the one on John anymore, despite having gone there every week (Sometimes twice) for 9 months prior to their split. For whatever reason, it's just not as good. I think it's the freshness.

      2. They are now re-branded as Burrito Bandidos.

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          I hope the prize for the re-branding contest was small.

          1. re: childofthestorm

            I was there just over a week ago, and I believe the poster on the wall said the prize was $500 in cash, or equivalent value in burritos.

        2. They are opening another Burrito Bandidos location on Walmer just north of Bloor (one block west of Spadina) two doors up from Cluck Grunt and Low. I walked by yesterday and it looks like they are ready to open soon.

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            Thanks for the note. They're open and directly opposite the Walmar exit of the Spadina station so it's easy for me to hop on the subway to grab a lunch.

            The layout is basically a square, forcing people who are waiting for their order to stand almost in front of the counter, confusing new comers as to who's in line.