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Nov 28, 2008 04:34 PM

Angela's Coal Fired Pizza opens in Tyngsboro

Full page ad in the Nashua Telegraph advertises the opening of Angela's Coal Fired Pizza--the original is in Saugus:

Any reports?

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  1. We stopped by for lunch today. Lexpatti, you're going to love this place...

    Amazing wings--not spicy, but fall-off-the-bone delicious with hints of lemon and rosemary, buried under caramelized onions. Pizzas are cooked in a 900 degree oven--thin crust, slightly charred, good fresh tomato sauce--we had ours with anchovies and garlic. The 14 inch pizza is $10.50, more than enough for two if you have the wings as an app.

    Go now, this place is going to get mobbed.

    1. Nice!!! I did read about it since you posted your first inquiry and was impressed with the menu big time. I love a great flatbread or thin pizza. How is the place? Was there when it was Jazz??? something!! - they must have renovated at bit.

      Hey, thanks for your comments a while ago about Angela's in Manchester NH too - awesome shop, I'll have to take my son when he's here from Paris next month. Fantastic foods, cheese, wines, gifts, etc. etc. I could do all my xmas shopping there.

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        Let us know how it compares to 900 Degrees in Manchester.

        1. Hello from a brand-new Chowhounder! I've been lurking a little while and ate at Angela's last night so thought I'd weigh in.

          We shared a monthly special called the "Hawaiian Harvest" ($16.50 for a 14" pie), topped with smoked bacon, grilled chicken, thin-sliced fresh pineapple, and a balsamic reduction. They were very generous with the bacon and chicken; not surprisingly given the ingredients, it was delectable.

          Because our toppings were so assertively flavored, I couldn't quite discern what was so exceptional about the coal-firing of the pie. It had a lot of char on the crust, which definitely made me think this isn't the pizza joint for kids (I, at least, hated anything remotely "burnt"). Next time I'll have to try more muted toppings to see if the wonders of coal-firing shine through a bit more clearly.

          Aside from the "Hawaiian Harvest" that we ordered, the array of standard toppings struck me as very ... well, standard. But maybe I've just been spoiled by the exotic array at the Upper Crust pizzerias around Boston.

          You need to be wanting pizza if you go, because that's almost all that's on the menu, with just a small handful of appetizers and sandwiches to round things out. To take the edge off our hunger we shared the Italian salad, which was dressed with a very yummy vinaigrette. At $9 it seemed a bit steep for what was mostly a bowl of iceberg lettuce.

          The service was decent, although the crowd was sparse enough that the waitstaff was tripping over each other to serve us. We had already placed our order with one server when another materialized and announced that she would be our server. (You snooze you lose, I remarked to my companion!)

          All in all, I'd definitely go again. It remains to be seen whether it lives up to the hubbub I've seen about the original Saugus location.


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          1. re: tunamelt

            Welcome to Chowhound. You seem to be getting right into this, places and all, so hopefully you're comfortable with the site. We're all looking forward to more posts, I'm sure - the more posts, the more palates looking at more places, the better off we all are.

            I do think that the idea of the coal-fired pizza is the anti-thesis of the namby-pamby "gourmet" pizzas of the world. It's getting back to basics - what a pizza was here many years ago before the hoity-toities, before the greek pizza invasion. A coal fired oven at 900F - a plain cheese pie, maybe a little pepperoni, with olive oil on the table. Regina's, rather than Upper Crust. I'm not saying this is best for everybody, just that it doesn't present the same set of options that the gourmet places do, and that's just what it is.

            Anyway - welcome, again, and hope to hear more from you soon.

            1. re: tunamelt

              Welcome TM--great post. I'm by no means a pizza expert-- the pizza at Sam's on Court Street in Brooklyn is my gold standard, and Angela's has nothing to be ashamed of. For southern NH, it's got Nashua House of Pizza beat by miles!

            2. If you're in the Lakes Region, Largo (Meredith) does a really nice flat bread pizza. Last weekend we had a really great one with figs, proschutto, carmalized onnions, etc. - fantastic. They made a really bad mussels dish (gritty) and it wasn't like my last one there - they compt the flatbread for us.

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              1. re: lexpatti

                Thanks for the yummy tip! My parents live up that way so I pass through Meredith regularly. And my mouth is watering at the sound of figs, prosciutto, and caramelized onions.

                1. re: tunamelt

                  what a load of crap..people jump onbaord with this trendy wanna-be pizzeria..
                  900 degrees was a ripoff and this one, well..we never got to order anything other than a beer..the service was so incredibly bad, we left. didnt even tip..and that was a first.

                  we arrived tonight (saturday) for a light/early dinner and to see what my family members have been raving about.

                  we went to the bar, as the dining room was full, loud and bustling..the hostess told us the bar was first come first serve, so headed on up rather than wait.

                  first thing i noticed, was, for a newly opened resturant, was rather dirty..carpets filthy, bar unwiped, etc etc. very noisy..fine..waited 15 minutes to even be acknowledged by unexperienced bartender. no full liquor license, so settled for beer. looked over menu as beers were set down, and never saw any waitstaff/bartender return to us to take our order (??!)

                  finished my 22 ounce beer and my gf finished her wine..nobody would come over?? the shift were changing, as a few new staff were filtering in..very confusing transition, undertrained, etc etc..we watched as the confusion become chaos, and the strangest part was that the place was clearing out..the woman bartender who orginally took our beer order made eye contact with me on several occasions, to just plain ignore us??

                  empty glasses now in front of us and ready to order and nobody would wait on us...the bartender was now asking 3 parties at the bar, who were still eating/drinking to 'cash out' so she could leave. I have never seen a bartender ask people to take their time and they could still continue to order, but to cash out with her..

                  almost 40 minutes had gone by and we had enough..should have called a manager over, but decided to leave. tab was 14.50..left 15.00 and will never return. what a joke. nobody in charge. chaotic shift change and just overall unpleasent semi experience.

                  just be warned..