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Trip from STL to Tyler TX via Tulsa

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Any good places to eat out 44 or once we get into Oklahoma? Won't want to drive to far off the main road, but a little bit would be fine. All sorts of food considered!


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  1. Read Brian S's reports of Oklahoma. He's one of the best writers on Chowhound.


    1. Don't know what kind of food you have in mind, but right off I-44 as you go through Tulsa (Harvard exit) you can get to Bodean's Seafood. Mario's pizza also is right near by. Also a traditional local lebanese steak house at the same exit.

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        If your going down 75 from Tulsa, once you get to Okmulgee, head into downtown to find Coleman's. Have a burger and fries and a slice of pie then get a whole pie to go. I don't know that I have a favorite pie because i have loved everyone that I have tasted. On the other hand if you head down 69 and bypass T-town, then in Wagoner, once again head into downtown and go to Mr Chicken, great chicken and catfish.

        I highly recommend doing the pie thing in Okmulgee though.