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Nov 28, 2008 03:49 PM

Looking for Lunch Spots Near Winter Park Farmer's Market

Hey, Orlando Chowhounds!

My wife and I will be visiting the Orlando/Winter Park Area next weekend for some Disney fun. As part of the trip, we'll be swinging by the Winter Park Farmer's Market in the morning and looking for a good lunch spot close by. I'd like to try Ravenous Pig, but they're doing a pig roast next weekend, and that thought doesn't necessarily strike our fancy. Any other thoughts, suggestions, or otherwise for a nice lunch near the market? It doesn't have to be fancy, cheap, expensive, formal, informal, or even kid-friendly -- our only requirement is just good food! Thanks!

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  1. Park Plaza Gardens on Park Avenue has a bistro (as opposed to the more formal dining room) that spills onto the sidewalk. The food is good and the people watching is even better.
    If Bosphorus is open for lunch (their annoying Web site doesn't say) there's good Turkish food to be had (also on Park Avenue and also with sidewalk seating). And if Chez Vincent is open for lunch Saturdays, that would be a nice choice.
    A new restaurant, Circa, has opened up the block, but I don't have any details as yet.

    1. There is actually usually some pretty good food to eat at the farmer's market, but incase you are still hungry...
      The ones Scott didn't metion:
      310 Park South
      Hot Olives
      Tolla's Italian Restaurant

      1. There is always a bottleneck at The PPG Bistro and 310 Park South on a nice afternoon, they hold the primo sidewalk space on the Ave, with Spice Modern Steakhouse a few feet further down.

        I make Park Ave a regular stop with visiting guests; friends and out of towners seem to gravitate more for 310 Park South after spying all 3 menus, but I've had nice lunches at 310 Park South, Spice Modern Steakhouse and the PPG Bistro.

        Be sure to scope it out and put your name in if it looks crowded, as people tend to linger and tables are slower to turn over on a nice afternoon. Have fun!