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Nov 28, 2008 12:09 PM

Tom Brady - Diamond Jim's - Detroit

For those who haven't already heard, Tom Brady passed away November 25th. He will be remembered as the owner, sincere host and soul mate of Mary Brady. He will be missed by all Detroiters whose lives were touched with his kindness and sincerity.

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  1. Oh,, I hadn't heard this. I'm so sorry to hear this, as I really loved his presence. That's a massive loss not just to the restaurant itself, but also to our area. I hope everyone can show support.

    1. Fabulous restaurant. Tom and Mary were always wonderful. He will definitely be missed.

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        I hadn't heard this either. How sad. Just yesterday I told my hubby and daughter I wanted to go to Diamond Jim Brady's on my birthday. My heart goes out to Mary and family.

      2. I worked for Mary and Tom for over 5 years many moons ago. Tom was one of the classiest restauranteurs I have ever met. Always gracious, generous and always ALWAYS a gentleman. Beyond family and fiends, there were so many customers at his wake, a true testement to the kind of guy he was. I miss you Tom. Thank you for everything you did for me and for so many others just like me. Love you, Sharon