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Nov 28, 2008 11:51 AM

Gift baskets - Clementine's, Joan's, where else?

Hi all - I posted a similar topic earlier, but it was removed to the general board because, I think, my request wasn't specific enough. Sorry moderators!

I'm looking to pick up a gift basket for a good friend of mine, from anywhere on the westside to silverlake. I've received one from Clementine's before, and it was lovely; I've heard good things about the baskets from Joan's on Third as well. Any other recommendations from gift-receiving and gift-giving Hounds?

Oh, and my friend is not a picky eater at all; as long as it's good, she'll devour it.


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  1. bump! i'd also like to know..

    1. Surfas is doing giftbaskets again this year! :)


      1. I stopped in Urth Caffe recently, and they handed me a little card advertising their holiday gift baskets. From memory, it was all(?) baked goods. Urth's baked items are quite delicious-- but still that might be a little one-dimensional.

        1. Susina can make baskets, just let them know the kind of stuff you'd like to be included.

          1. I LOVE Clementine's! You might also check out Jamaica's Cakes on Pico -- she does a really nice job with presentation of her baked goods and would probably put together a great gift basket.