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Nov 28, 2008 11:34 AM

So How Was Yat's Fried Cajun Turkey ??

Decided to start a new post. Very curious to her reports..........

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  1. I'm amazed that you had time on Thanksgiving to be an observer . . . but if I'd have been in the City at the time, I probably would have been there right next to you just to see the action.

    Hope we hear some first-mouth reports!

    Yats New Orleans Original Po Boys
    1609 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      We do cracked crab and I swung by after picking up the sourdough when Boudin opened @ 8 at the wharf, and I live not too far away. Everyone was fast asleep anyway. Next year I'll get one. Turkey, to date, has disappointed us, so we switched to local crab about 4 years ago.

      1. re: NoeMan

        NoeMan, - I posted this entry under Deep Fry Turkey in City on 11/29 and pasted here to make sure you got my final report:

        I was disappointed you did not buy or taste the Yat turkey since we commited to reporting, and also waiting for Atomica to report. Well, I did buy the fried turkey 1 18 lb from Cajun Paciifc. Hate to report that I was not overwhelmed by my first fried turkey. I also oven roasted a 15 lb Diestel turkey ( also brined and $2.49 a pound at $36) and the $80 fried one was no tastier than my own. I could not tell the difference. Both were juicy and moist, but not worth the $44 difference, except did not have to work. Family & friends could not taste any difference (except for outer cuts) between the two. My brined one was actually tastier. So, waiting for Atomica to report on his Yat birds. Will not fry in future, not worried about the work, but the +3 plus gallons of peanut oil will last a lifetime to use. I don't think the Yat bird is that good either, based on my experience at Cajun Pacific.

        1. re: diner101

          Saw that one. I started this thread to focus on Yat's, although it's interesting to hear that Cajun Pacific disappointed. After the fried turkey at BevMo I was holding out hope that a cajun version might tip my family's scales back towards the bird for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately there were no tastes @ Yat's on Thanksgiving Day, they we're too busy just filling to go orders. I'd have loved a taste to report on. I met a couple folks at Yat's getting turkeys and they said they heard about it on Chowhound. So hopefully, after the holiday weekend commotion of visitors ends we'll get a few reports. No regrets for our fresh local crab and sourdough at our house, tho.

    2. With lots of caveats, the turkey was not good at all.

      We had a progressive Thanksgiving with friends, so Thanksgiving took place in 3 houses over the course of the day and evening. I was in charge of the first round, hors d'oeuvres and bubbly. The second family picked up the Yats turkey at about 10:00 AM, I think it was, but we didn't eat it until about 2:00. Yats had given re-heating instructions. And here's the part of the story where everyone will say, "Duh!" The turkey was terribly, unforgivably dry. I didn't like the side dishes. Others really loved the cornbread stuffing and I didn't like it at all. The green beans in the green bean casserole had a displeasing chewy texture.

      There's my report. We had a great time anyway, but everyone agreed that we are definitely roasting turkeys ourselves next year.

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      1. re: Atomica

        OMG, so sorry to hear that. The re-heating doesn't work......................................

        1. re: Atomica

          A difference of opinion on the Yats turkey in another thread

          jackiedooo wrote ...

          " I got a turkey from Yats and it was incredible - cooked perfectly, juicy, flavorful.I fried my own the last few years, but I was never satisfied with my injection juice. It always came out really oily. Yat's wasn't oily at all. I'm wondering what they actually shot it up with.
          I think he's doing it again for Christmas"

          Anyone else?

          1. re: rworange

            I didn't reheat mine - It was about room temp when I got it, and we served it right away. Maybe that's the problem? Even with leftovers, we didn't reheat - we just ate it cold on sandwiches. It never dried out. Maybe next time try picking it up at the last minute?

            1. re: rworange

              My husband has been frying turkeys in San Antonio since about 1983 or '84. We don't inject, and never fry more than a 12 lb. bird. Only use peanut oil, and rub bird with Tony Chachere's seasoning, outside, insice, and lift up the skin over the breast. I'm sure he fried the first one in San Antonio, and we learned of it in Monroe, LA that same year. No better tasting bird ever. Be brave. . .try it yourselves. You'll never go back. . .that is if you don't burn down your house!

          2. Merry Christmas Hounds! So we had a turkey from Yat's last night with almost all of the trimmings. Here's my report:

            Canjun Fired Turkey -- probably the BEST fried turkey, possibly the best turkey overall I've eaten in my 40 years. Juicy, nicely spiced, very moist (even the white meat, which I usually avoid) and agreed by all that the turkey was outstanding. I was worried when I picked it up as it had been refrigerated, but the reheating instructions were perfect and took about an hour.

            Yams -- Unfortunately I didn't try the yams. Smelled good though, nice layer of cinnamon and brown sugar on the top. The six of us (well four, as I didn't have any and my partner hates yams) ate about half the container, so I'd say the yams were good.

            Cornbread Dressing -- another highlight. Great flavor, very moist, and a good complement to the turkey.

            Cranberry Sauce -- I have to say I think this was canned Cranberry repackaged. Not a huge deal, but certainly not a standout.

            Green Bean Casserole -- Nice -- not totally soupy like we used to make at home, and each bean was nicely coated with bits of casserole sauce and breadcrumbs.

            Oyster Dressing -- Another huge hit. People went back for seconds and thirds. I'm not a oyster fan so didn't have any (wish I did now) but those that love oysters said it was amazing.

            Smothered Okra -- concept sounded yummy, the actual product was a dissapointment. The only thing I would not have ordered in retrospect.

            Optional Gravy -- very nice. No complaints, and nice consistency and flavor.

            Pecan Pie -- mixed reactions, but I loved it and I am an afficianado of Pecan Pie. Nicely crunchy, not cloyingly sweet, and very good.

            Creole Bread Pudding -- as soon as I took the cover off of the container I knew I would be in heaven and I wasn't dissapointed. Whiskey sauce paired perfectly with the sweet, crunchy/gooey pudding. I would go for this dish over and over and over again.

            We made our own mashed potatoes, and they were amazing if I say so myself. :D I'd definitely go back for another turkey, perhaps next time we'll try the Jamaican Jerk.

            Yats New Orleans Original Po Boys
            1609 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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            1. re: stomsf

              Terrific news after the disappointing Thanksgiving reports. Thanks for posting.

            2. Okay, so I got one last year, reheated it, and it was great (sure, the white meat was a little on the dry side)...though I think it would have been MUCH better had I gotten it for the same day (i.e. reheating not necessary).

              I would only say: don't spend alot of money on the turkey. I brought in a Diestel turkey, and I'm not sure I left with a Diestel turkey (last year they gave you the option of bringing your own turkey and just paying for the brining/frying - I don't know if they're doing that this year)...As you can imagine, all turkeys look alike when deep fried, the crew was a little discombobulated and what not, so there was some craziness/confusion. I didn't really sweat it (whether or not I got back the original turkey), 'cause it just wasn't worth getting upset about something like that...and in the end, it was so tasty good.

              I would recommend doing it at least once if you haven't had fried turkey before.