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Nov 28, 2008 10:35 AM

Buying Duck in Vancouver?

I'd like to roast a duck this weekend but have never done so before, and I don't know where to buy one locally.
Can anyone recommend a place that I can buy fresh duck, preferably organic or free-range or natural but also reasonably priced? And, perhaps also the cheapest place to buy duck (organic or otherwise) - i'm guessing the former and latter may be quite different. Any suggestions on size and weight and cost that I should anticipate? - there'll be three of us for dinner.

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  1. i'd say T&T would be a good place to start

    1. actually i just noticed "fresh", so maybe not T&T

      1. Armando's Fine Meats on Granville Island sells Porlderside organic duck. Give them a call to confirm. A five pounder serves about four people.

        1. Try Calling Hills Foods. They offer wholesale prices to customers too.

          You can try South Seas Meats in Richmond
          Phone: 604.270.8030