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Nov 28, 2008 09:42 AM

Lunch stop from San Diego airport to Idyllwild

Any great, inexpensive Mexican, Asian, anything as long as it's good, food stops on the way from San Diego airport to Idyllwild (by car)? I'll really need to get some tasty fuel in before getting to Idyllwild because good food doesn't really exist up there. Thanks.

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  1. Surati Farsan off Miramar for Indian
    Cocina de Maria in Escondido for Mexican
    Golden Bowl in Temecula off 79 s for Vietnamese
    Tacos el Gordo in Temecula Winchester exit in Temecula

    1. You might want to try El Indo or Saffron Noodles, both on India Street, very close to the airport, and easy on and off the freeway/

      1. El Cuervo at Washington St and First St is a great taco/burrito spot. Just up the road is Sushi Deli, which has great lunch specials - very reasonable and suprisingly good for the money. At Washington & Third is Bronx Pizza, some of the best pizza in San Diego. From all these spots, instead of getting onto the 5, just turn left from Harbor Dr onto Laurel, then left on First St (at the top of a big hill), takes you straight to Washington St. Then head east on Washington to get onto the 163 freeway which links you to the 15 and you're on your way.