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Where can I buy quail in the east or south bay?

I'm looking for quail for guilotas en salsa, but I don't know where to buy them. Are they expensive? Any advice is greatly appreciated

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  1. I've bought them at Cosentino's (frozen). I'd expect you could get them at Draeger's or Andronico's too. The phone book is your friend -- call and ask before going.

    1. Ranch 99 and Mexican carnicerias will often have quail in the freezer case. And sometimes Ranch 99 has them fresh in the poultry case or prepackaged. You might check with the new 99 Ranch in Dublin.

      99 Ranch Market
      7333 Regional St, Dublin, CA

      1. I've seen them at Magnani's on Hopkins in Berkeley. You could probably get them for less elsewhere, though. Be sure to call first since I don't think they always have them.

        1. Enzo's in the Rockridge Market Hall has them in their freezer cabinet...and I think that Ver Brugge [also on College Ave.] may have the frozen ones as well...

          1. The Cafe Rouge Meat counter frequently has them. Call ahead.

            1. Berkeley Bowl has them in the freezer case - the one with stocks, duck breast, game hens, etc. Don't remember the price but probably around $2 a piece
              Happy Hunting!

              1. Thanks for all of the input! i went to the Mi Pueblo on Story Rd. in san jose, because I had a feeling that if anyone had it that they would, and they had non frozen huilotes (quails) for about 5.40 a pound.

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                    Glad you found them! I was going to suggest Mi Pueblo, as I just saw them at the Oakland branch recently.

                  2. For future reference, if you really want them as fresh as possible (i.e. live) try Never Ending Quails at 1135 Stockton St. (at the rear of the mall) in SF Chinatown. I checked today and NEQ is still there, with plenty of the fluffy little darlings.

                    1. I just cooked them and they came out amazing! These quail were not too expensive too.

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                        Glad it all worked out for you! Would you mind sharing the recipe? You can post it on the Home Cooking board for the drooling readers looking on here.