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Nov 28, 2008 08:59 AM

Cake stuck to wire rack!

I made the Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread cake. I waited exactly 5 minutes and flipped it over onto the rack to cool. It came out of the bundt pan easily, but when it had cooled and I tried to put it in a serving plate...STUCK. Husband had to literally cut it off the rack! It turned out just delicous and no one was the wiser....but how do you prevent this from happening?

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  1. I spray my cooling rack with Pam, give it a good coating. After cake has cooled, I use a spatula to loosen it from the rack. With Pam, cakes come off the rack very easily. Some recipes I've seen instruct you to cool the cake, after inverting onto the rack, with the parchment liner that's placed on the bottom of the pan. I do this occasionally and the cake slips off the parchment, no problems. Hope this helps!

    1. Once I put the cake/cookies (they stick a bit too) on the racks I wait another five minutes then give them a bit of a turn - seems to work for me anyway :)

      1. I have two racks. I turn the cake onto one (upside down) after the requisite amount of time, then I immediately cover the bottom with the other rack and flip, so that the cake cools right side up. If the cake has a "sticky" outer layer, I'll put a dishtowel on both racks, to prevent the wires from digging in. And if all else fails, I use lots of whipped cream to cover the damage!