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Nov 28, 2008 08:51 AM

Need help with a great birthday dinner/dance restaurant, no stuffiness allowed!

I was so sad when Jilly's Retro closed. We would eat at the piano bar ( and order great champagne) when we were celebrating something and then head downstairs to Jilly's Retro. I have no idea why it closed when it was packed every weekend. I live in Columbus, Ohio and work in Chicago, so friends and myself will be there next weekend to celebrate a birthday. Any ideas on where to go for good food and great fun---which would include dancing? Yes, we love disco...LOL.... We can travel to anywhere in Chicago....Thanks so much, Karen

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  1. I highly recommend Tango Sur -- great atmosphere, BYOB (nice for a birthday celebration if you want to bring champagne, wine, etc.) and wonderful selection of Argentinian meats and sides. You'd have to go elsewhere for dancing, but Tango Sur woud be a great place to start the night.

    1. If you go elsewhere before or after dinner for dancing, it will open up a whole lot of options for you. A restaurant like Carnivale, Nacional 27, or DeLaCosta would be suitable for a festive birthday dinner, then go elsewhere afterwards. All feature Latin fusion cuisine and a hip, celebration atmosphere. And they're downtown with plenty of nightlife within walking distance (or at worst a short cab ride).

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        Does Nacional 27 no longer have dancing? It did a few years ago. Great fun!