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Nov 28, 2008 08:49 AM

SF: Buena Vista Cafe - Irish coffee to go

It has been a few years since my last visit to the Buena Vista. LIttle if anything has changed ... including the bartenders.

Sitting at the bar on the sturdy wooden swivel stool, nursing a $7.25 Irish coffee, drinking in the ambiance and enjoying the view through the mirrors on the bar ... I noticed a sign for Irish coffee to go $14.

The bartender said that they put the coffee, sugar and cream in a mug. They give you a small bottle of Irish whiskey that can be added anytime after leaving the restaurant.

Having had an Irish coffee recently at Brannans I was curious how BV compared. Both were good, but I liked Brannans a bit more. Can't say why. Maybe the coffee itself. BV uses Peerless. The whiskey is Tullamore Dew. Not sure what Brannans is using. BV did have a better cream float ... thicker and richer.

It was Thanksgiving and BV was serving turkey dinner with pumpkin pie ($16). Fresh Crab was on the specials menu $16 half $26 whole (or close to those prices). There were a few other crab dishes.

The place was hopping. Ever bar stool, every counter seat, every table was occupied. Never realized there was also a downstairs room that also is supposed to have a view.

The bartenders still wear white jackets and black pants. Nice to know some things don't change much.

Buena Vista Cafe
2765 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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  1. Sometimes my cravings for a B.V. Irish Coffee are baaad. I live in San Diego, so when I need a fix, I slip into O'Sullivans Pub in beautiful and sunny Escondido on Grand Ave. The bartender with the ponytail makes a killer concoction and serves it up with a fine attitude. He always deserves a big tip! So, when I'm in S.F., it's the Buena Vista - no doubt, but here in S.D., I drive the 20 minutes north to fix my hankerin' and get a sweet, creamy, strong Irish Coffee from O'Sullivans.

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    1. re: Sampaguita

      I do my fix since yearly since 1968 between Nonember and February

    2. I shut the Buena Vista down a couple of nights last September and I had the bartenders buying my Irish Coffee's and patrons too..
      Love this place!

      O'Sully's in Escondido is awesome too!