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Nov 28, 2008 08:17 AM

Visiting Hasbrouck Heights


We are staying in HH near the Teterborough Airport. I'm looking for a good spot that isn't blow-the-doors expensive within short cab-ride distance. Would love to find some classic East Coast Italian or Italian-American and failing that: Seafood, Sushi or Burgers.

I apologize if this is the wrong board... and thanks in advance! Will give a dining report from where we end up.

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  1. I work in the area and can offer a couple of suggestions. For reasonable Italian I like Paisano's in Rutherford which is about 4-5 miles from HH. Rutherford has alot of restaurants and is a dry town so you have to bring your own wine but that also helps save a few dollars. There is another restaurant across the street called Village Gourment that has a wine shop inside if you want to get a bottle of wine to take to Paisanos. Village is also pretty good and reasonable but they are more like asian fusion.

    Another really good Italian is Il Villaggio on Route 17 in Carlstadt but they are more upscale/expensive and not BYO but very good.

    There are many, many Italian restaurants in this area so finding one is not a problem but I can vouch for the ones above.

    1. Hello-
      One thing that comes to mind is Mt Fuji it is a Hibachi and sushi place- this can be pricey but I'm not sure what blow the doors expensive means to you-- You can check out the restaurant menu and prices at:
      I have been to Mt Fuji's other location but have always enjoyed it.

      Segovia in Moonachie is supposed to be good- spanish:

      A small but hopping steak and burger place in Carlstadt is Steve's Sizzling Steaks- Nothing fancy but always busy.

      The local greasy spoon- Bendix Diner- I believe was the place of Rosie's Boutny commercials is also not far.

      Lastly you are close to Route 17 and it is dotted with chains- outback steakhouse etc.

      Good Luck!
      Barring that there is a place called Steve's sizzling

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        Stay away from the Bendix Diner. It's not good at all. There's an italian place on Terrace Ave. in Hasbrouck Heights, the name of which I don't know. Terrace is one of the two major north-south arteries in town. Sorry, but another place I don't know the name of (haven't lived in that area for 20 years), but gets rave reviews is an italian place in the station square in Rutherford. I'm sure another hound or two could help out with that one.

        Just saw a Thai place in Rochelle Park mentioned below. That would also be about a 10 minute ride from H.H.

      2. There are some suggestions in this thread...

        I recommend Segovia, Bazzarelli, or Park & Orchard. All close to Hasbrouck Heights.

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          I don't really know what you mean by "East Coast Italian". To me, just about all Italian-American places are the same from coast to coast. Predictable and boring, glorified pizza parlor fare.

          However, 2 Carlstadt places are on my list of creative and interesting restaurants. Carlstadt is 5 mins from HH. Tina Louise, a Pan Asian that has a nice ambiance with Tina herself taking the orders and serving, and Tao's Restaurant which is hard to categorize except that it's fun and it's good. Both places attractive and moderate.


          1. re: menton1

            Thanks for help all. Menton- I say "East Coast Italian" because it seems NY / NJ transplants come to CO and CA and say "you can't get good xyz like you can back home".

            Anyway, disappointingly I was over-thrown as planner of the night as the hotel concierge recommend we go the Crow's Nest and that the shuttle would take us for free. Everyone liked the idea of free ride. <sigh>

            Crow's Nest is like a road house or tavern but really large. A throwback to maybe the 70's style of restaruant. Very active bar, lots of regulars, live music was setting up as we were leaving. It was actually a memorable place, with a huge menu, good prices and good to pretty darn good food.

            We had buffalo-style fried calamari to start (extremely good), potato skins (I told you it was 70's!) and clams casino (also good). I had a salad w/ blue cheese, and the seafood fra Diavolo. Tons of shelfish in a very good spicy marinara over linquini. It was awesome- nothing you couldn't make at home but for the price ($19) a true steal.

            So, it wasn't the "Vesuvio's" <Sopranos Reference> meal that I was hoping for but it was a good time and a fine dinner.

            1. re: e_bone

              It was actually a memorable place, with a huge menu, good prices and good to pretty darn good food.

              If you are looking for a real experience for the Old School Red Sauce Gravy Italian Restaurant.....the next time you are in town, pay for the cab and go to Di Palma Brothers in North Bergen...probably about 20 minutes from the Hasbrouck Heights area. It a BYOB and the portion sizes are meant for what you will save on the food and liquor, the cab fees will not be a deciding factor next time.

              Di Palma Brothers Restaurant
              8728 Kennedy Blvd, North Bergen, NJ
              (201) 868-3005


              1. re: fourunder

                3rd rec I received for Di Palma Bros... must be a great spot!!


                1. re: e_bone


                  Di Palma Brothers is not the absolute best Italian restaurant I have been too, but it is a place I fine fascinating that it has be able to exist for over seven decades. It's a bit quirky with the antiques....but the food is very good and insanely cheap by today's standard. I would definitely classify it as old school red sauce Italian fare. Portions are large and meant for reminds me of going to someone's Nana's home and eating a Sunday dinner....very relaxed and not rushed. There are items that will surprise you....for me it was the Stuffed Zucchini with Prosciutto, Asiago and Parmigiana Reggiano Cheeses.

                  Forget about the Eggplant Meatballs though....very lackluster.