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Nov 28, 2008 08:10 AM

Seville oranges

Anyone know where to buy seville oranges in the Tampa bay area? They are an exotic fruit and come into season in Dec. Any help appriciated.

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  1. You can call Fresh Market and see if they have them in.


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    1. re: RibDog

      Thanks RibDog. I will give that a try.

      1. re: knowsit

        You may already know but keep in mind that a Seville orange is a sour orange. In many produce depts. right now, you can find red Naval oranges and they are a sweet orange. They look alot alike but are definitely different in their taste.


        1. re: RibDog

          Yep, but I am making a liqueur and definately need the bitter ones. Thanks RibDog

    2. My Publix in Temple Terrace had them about two weeks ago (Fowler and 56th). I think they were on sale for $0.79/lb one week. Last time I stopped by I didn't see them either, but I wasn't looking for them. How about the wholesale produce market on Hillsborough? They vendors out front tend to carry a decent selection of produce popular with the Latino community. Maybe they have naranjas agrias.

      I love sour oranges, so if I find them at my Publix again or anywhere else I'll post in here to let you know.

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      1. re: Agent Orange

        Arrgggghh. I am really trying to hunt them down so if you see them again please do post. Thanks a bunch Agent Orange

        1. re: knowsit

          Good news, knowsit. The Publix I mentioned above does still have sour oranges. They've got four or five dozen smallish ones in the produce section for $0.99/lb. The Publix is actually a block or two west of 56th on the south side of Fowler.

          Leave some for me! After all this talk of seville oranges, I think I'm going to have to whip up some mojo for the grill or make puerco asado this week.

          1. re: Agent Orange

            Very well, Agent Orange. I will definately look into that. I will leave you some for sure. Thanks!!!

          2. re: knowsit

            I should also mention for posterity that the produce market doesn't have 'em. I was there this afternoon, and I checked most of the vendors along the main drag. No tienen naranjas agrias. Bummer.

          1. re: TampaPete

            Hey Tampa Pete,

            I need a dozen or so anytime. I am trying to make a version of Gran Marnier.

            Thanks :)

            1. re: knowsit

              I live in the T&C area.
              We could arrange to meet someplace after work (4-6PM) and you can have the oranges.
              Let me know, so they can be picked the same day.

              1. re: TampaPete

                I could do it Wed. I am not too familiar with Tampa. I live in Weeki Wachee and would use the Expressway. Do you have an addy of somewhere I could mapquest?

                Thanks, TampaPete

                1. re: knowsit

                  Man, that is a long way to come to get sour oranges.
                  Wednesday is fine with me.
                  I work right by Tampa airport, anytime during the day will work

                  1. re: TampaPete

                    My local publix called today and said they got some in!

                    Thanks, TampaPete, for being willing to help me out. I really appriciate all your help.

                    Maybe I'll create a thread when I get the stuff made.

                    Happy holidays :)

                    1. re: knowsit


                      I am glad you fund them locally.

                      Tip: Look around were you live for places that have abandon looking orange groves, chances are they will have some sour orange trees. It is common to graft diferent types of oranges (Navels etc) onto sour orange root stock. When the sweet orange tree dies (due to frost) the root stock will come up as sour orange. It a matter of learning how to spot a "Seville" orange tree from the rest.

                      Good luck

          2. Did you get enough oranges? I have some in my yard north of Tampa if you need a dozen or so more. The liqueur sounds interesting. Would you share the recipe?

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            1. re: kate3

              Hiya kate3,

              I'll be glad to share the recipe. Check back after the holidays as I won't start the batch till then. Thanks for the interest and yes I have enough oranges(I think ;). Merry Christmas.

              1. re: knowsit

                I should add that the recipe will be over at the "spirit" section of this board.

                1. re: knowsit

                  Great -- I'm in the middle of the annual marmalade-making frenzy & would love something new to do with Sevilles. Thanks!