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Nov 28, 2008 06:58 AM

Manning, SC: BBQ question

I'll be heading to Charleston via I-95 on a Monday and understand that McCabe's BBQ and D&H are not open on Mondays -- bummer! Will have to pack a lunch I guess....Big question -- What are hours of McCabe's on Saturday (return day)? I've not been able to find out times on the Web (just that someone tried McCabe's at 3 pm on Sat and it was closed). I'm planning on going to the Charleston Farmer's Market Saturday morning, so timing is flexible for trip to McCabe's....and possibly D&H...might even hold a BBQ tasting Sat night in Durham, NC! With McCabe's, D&H from SC and Q-Shack and Allen & Son from NC -- could be interesting!

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  1. Closed at 3pm on a Saturday. Sounds like extraordinary circumstances. I'd give 'em a jingle and check their hours.

    McCabe's BBQ
    480 N. Brooks St.
    Manning SC
    (803) 435-2833

    For an extra buck a pound they'll pull it straight off the pit out back. That's what I always do.

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      Yes! Get the "off-the-pit" option! Wonderful stuff.

    2. Saturday they are open for lunch but the time they close often has a lot to do with how much food they have left. They may occasionally stay open till 3:00 on a Sat. but I generally try to get there no later than 1:30. Especially on Sat. they only fry so much chicken and no more so the earlier the better. As a Manningite (or maybe a Manningtonian) I will tell you that while D&H is good and has the better buffet the BBQ at McCabe's is far superior.