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Nov 28, 2008 05:00 AM

Reasonably priced seafood...

I'm taking my mother-in-law out for dinner in Boston this weekend and she wants seafood. She suggested Legal's and I'd rather find something else. Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it in the same price point as Legal's.

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  1. There are several Market Basket stores in the Boston area that have very good seafood depts. We shop at the Reading store and if even if you're very picky you can find some quite fresh and sustainably fished seafood at better than reasonable prices.

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      "out for dinner", Gio.
      Mixed opinions here, but I like the Summer Shack, particularly for simple seafood, like lobster, steamers, etc. I like their grilled clams a lot. Some of Jasper's dishes, like the grilled lobster, get favorable comments.

      Maybe a little up on the price point, but great food, try East Coast Grill in Inman Sq. Warning, its a little busy and loud, your MIL would have to be up for that. I bet she'll like it.

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        A friend of mine suggested East Coast Grill as well. I think it will be perfect for my loud, outspoken MIL. She'll fit in just fine.

        Thanks for the recommendations.

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        I apologize that this is still here..... I notified the mods 3 times today since this morning to delete my post which has no relevance to the OP's query. "justbeing polite" called it to my attention early on and I wanted it to be gone.
        I guess everyone's on holiday.....I apologize!!

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          Please check your email - we emailed you this morning. Thanks!

      3. A lower price point, and not nearly as flashy, would be Moulton's seafood in Medford. It is more of a "Mom & Pop" place that does great fresh seafood at very reasonable prices.

        1. Moultons is really great, East Coast Grill is fun and good, and I'd add Dolphin Seafood in Harvard Square as a moderate budget option where the seafood has always been fresh and prepared well in basic ways. Slightly more than Legal would be Neptune Oyster but worth every penny.

          1. Skipjacks is reasonable.

            1. I'd consider either Moulton's in Medford (excellent seafood picked up fresh daily) or Pescatore in Somerville (a terrific Italian seafood restaurant hidden away on a side street in Ball Square).

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                A second vote here for Pescatore. It's a cozy neighborhood spot with great seafood at extremely reasonable prices. The desserts are good, too!