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Nov 27, 2008 08:17 AM

BYOStemware (split from Mid-Atlantic board)

jrd- thanks for the reply. after reading the article you linked, i think we will try it. i am a bit weary of the take-out serving dishes and plastic untensils, though. i guess i am a bit of a vessel snob- i do get upset when we bring a bottle of fine wine to a nice BYO and they bring us the wrong stemwear.

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  1. "vessel snob" lol That would be me as well. We don't do much take-out, but the occasional times we happen into a casual restaurant which doesn't use real plates and silverware, I grumble. Of course, if the food is excellent, I manage to get over it.

    Re: Stemware. My husband, the wine drinker, is the snob in that department. When we go to BYO's, he brings along his own glass just in case the ones being used by the restaurant don't measure up to his standards.

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      RGR- thanks for the info. DH and I have been seriously considering bringing in our own stemware. three issues with this: will we offend the restaurant, will we look crazy to other diners, and do we want to risk transporting our favorite stemware? what has your experience been?

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        No, you won't offend the restaurant, a high end chef would likely appreciate the gesture. You might look crazy to the other patrons, but that is their problem. Whether you want to risk transporting high end stemware is, of course, your call.

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          Restaurant personnel are never been offended when my husband tells them that he prefers to use his own glass. And I don't think other diners either notice or care.

          He has a wine carrier that can hold two bottles, so he places the glass on the empty side. In the rare instances where he brings a second bottle, he has another carrier that holds a single bottle. To be honest, our wine glasses aren't extremely expensive. So, if one were to break (which, so far, has never happened), it wouldn't be a big deal.

          If yours are expensive, you would, of course, have to devise a safe way to transport them. If you can do that, I say, go for it!

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            I've seen bottle carriers with built in compartments specifically designed for stemware. I think Built makes them. I'v also seen them in specialty catalogs.