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Nov 27, 2008 07:53 PM

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2008

Earlier this year, I resumed the tradition started by Mr. Grub in 2005 of running an annual poll of Chowhounders’ favorite Los Angeles Restaurants.

To quote Mr. Grub:

"The concept is simple: everyone is asked to list, in rank order, your top 5 restaurants in Los Angeles County that you would recommend to houndly out-of-town visitors or to chowfriends for a special occasion. Since we worship at the altar of deliciousness, your ranking should be based 75% on food and 25% on everything else."

The 2005 poll results can be found here:


The 2006 poll results can be found here:


The 2007 poll results can be found here:


After the last poll, several people complained that deciding between, say, Urasawa and The Oinkster was an impossible apples-and-oranges choice. So this year, I’m going to try a new twist: we’re going to vote for up to TEN restaurants – five restaurants in the category of over $25 per person for food, and five in the category of $25 or less for food.

For example, here are my choices:

OVER $25

Osteria Mozza
Comme Ça
Hungry Cat
Musso and Frank


Langer’s Deli
The Oinkster
25 Degrees
Lawton’s Famous Frankfurters (RIP)

Your entries in each category will be weighted arithmetically: 5 points for your first choice; 4 points for your second, 3 for third, 2 for fourth and 1 for fifth.

You may choose to only cast votes in the over-$25 category, or in the $25-and-under, but please don’t vote for the same restaurant in both categories. If different voters cast votes for the same restaurant on both lists, the total points will be tabulated together and the restaurant will be ranked in the category for which it received the most points. (The $25 is meant to be inclusive of food only for an average dinner order per person.)

If you respond with more than 5 choices in either category, only your first 5 choices will be included. If you vote for fewer than five, your choice will be tabulated with as many points as the number you voted for (so if you vote for only three restaurants, your first choice will only carry three points, the second two points, etc.)

It’s okay to vote for a restaurant that closed within the last twelve months (I would appreciate if you flag defunct restos with an RIP tag, as I did for Lawton's). If two or more restaurants with the same name and basic menu get votes (e.g. Father’s Office on Montana or Helms), I will combine the results.

The more replies we receive, the more useful are the poll’s findings, so please do reply. I’ll keep the polls open until December 14 and post the results shortly thereafter.

Again, remember that first choice = 5 points, second choice = 4 points, etc. I will assume the first restaurant in your list will be the first choice and so on, so you don't have to number them.

Go for it!

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  1. If you change your mind, just go ahead and post again, please re-cast your entire vote and not just the changes ... tell me it's a re-vote and I'll take care of it (I'm tracking names, dates and times on my tally, so I will always take your last vote).

    1. Langers Deli
      Robin's Wood Fire BBQ
      Casa Bianca
      Din Tai Fung
      Portillo's Hot Dogs

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      1. re: floyd_the_barber

        Funny how all 3 of your total posts mention Robin's... hmm... After having the real stuff in the South, I could barely eat Robin's and gave most of it to my dog.

        Over $25:
        Osteria Mozza

        Under $25:
        Sea Harbour (dim sum)
        Golden Deli
        Porto's (ideal destination for pork followed by desserts)
        Barrio Fiesta (another ideal destination for pork)
        Din Tai Fung

        Actually, pretty much all of those are ideal destinations for pork. :)

      2. OVER $25

        Go's Mart

        $25 OR LESS

        Langer’s Deli
        KC BBQ Company
        Joe's Pizza

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        1. re: ldodb

          Hmm I forgot about portos, i think that would knock loteria off the list.

        2. <25
          Bella Roma SPQR
          El Parian
          The happy hour at Napa Valley Grill
          The hole in the wall Downtown LA at 719 S Los Angeles Street, at the back of the hallway, lunch only; ask for Doña Paty).
          Dino's chicken ( do they serve anything else? )

          Bistro de l'Hermitage

          ( and no, I'm not voting for any place with "zz" in the name; or for any SBE BS)

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          1. re: RicRios

            "The hole in the wall Downtown LA at 719 S Los Angeles Street, at the back of the hallway, lunch only; ask for Doña Paty)."

            Ric, Please don't leave us hanging on this one. More info. please.

            1. re: RicRios

              RicRios: Sorry, but I can't count your hole-in-the-wall unless you can come up a name.

              1. re: maxzook

                Darn Ric, you'll just have to suck it up and go back to the hole in the wall for lunch. :)

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  I'll be embarassed if it turns out the place is called "The Hole In The Wall". It's just that a Google search revealed the closest restaurant to that address is a Subway, and somehow I don't think that's what he had in mind.

                  (Seriously, people, I don't think it's unreasonable of me to require that you name the place -- even taco trucks have names ...)

                  1. re: maxzook

                    Sorry folks, it's just a hole in the wall, doesn't have a name.
                    However I perfectly understand logistical problems involved, please just remove from the list.

                    1. re: RicRios

                      I'm completely intrigued with this one....a hole in the wall with no name. Next week I'll go find it and try it.

                      1. re: RicRios

                        It's not this place, is it?


                        I'm in a better mood today, I'll count it as the "hole in the wall"as long as people don't make a habit of it ("you know, that Italian place at Highland and Melrose, the one with the raw pork fat")

              2. Under $25:

                Santouka (in Mitsuwa Market)
                Taqueria Sanchez
                Pizzeria Mozza
                Sapp Coffee Shop