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Where can I find New York style Pizza

Where can I find NY style pizza?
Thin extra-crispy crust, nicely seasoned marinara and fresh mozarella?

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  1. A friend told me, she heard that a West Island pizzeria has opened(maybe a year or so ago) offering NY-style pizza. She doesn't know the name of the pizzeria.

    1. I've looked and looked as well - there's none to be had. You're in the wrong city for pizza, especially NY-style pizza (which is more about the layer of grease and the sharp pepperoni to me than anything else).

      I've given up hope.

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        Man, the moderators are overzealous. Any post refering to pizza being better in NYC has disappeared. Same as the messages in the fine italian post refering to NYC restaurants. We're still talking about food and pondering about the situation here as opposed to some place else.

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          The goal of this board is to help people find great chow locally. In order to keep this board focused on that goal, we do moderate to keep discussions focused on local chow.

          If you haven't found that chow locally and you want to let the poster know, that's fine, but telling people to go to another city when they are looking for local chow leads to further off topic discussions. General pondering about the local chow scene and wishful thinking also don't lead people to great chow, so we remove those discussions as well.

          We don't do this to be overzealous or controlling, it's simply to help people stay focused on helping each other eat better locally.

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            No one said anything about better or made any comparisons, I don't know what all the fuss is about concidering the number of tourists from NYC comeing to the most beautiful city in the world to visit and enjoy your food.
            There doesn't seem to be a problem with folks asking for their hometown burritos,
            and people eat Pizza in every major city in the world!

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              I don't think anyone said NY-style pizza was better(agree with tombombadillo). Just questioning tombombadillo why would he/she want NY-style pizza in Montreal(personally I thought it was a valid query by tombombadillo).

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              I generally concur with the sentiments already expressed in this thread, but I've actually found a couple of places that have something similar to NYC-style slices (i.e., thin crust, grab-and-go style -- and I'm a native New Yorker who is used to eating slices at least 3-4 days a week).

              Conveniently, they're both on the same block: the first is Pizzeria Van Horne, on the corner of Van Horne and Dollard (across from Outremont metro); and the second is Pendelis, on Van Horne between Dollar and McEachran. The former has larger slices with crispier crust, and are a bit more expensive; the latter has smaller slices, less like NYC style, but still pretty good. The only thing is that you can only get slices Monday thru Friday between 11h00 and 17h00. Otherwise, you have to order a whole pie, which can be tricky; I find the slices to be better because the toppings are proportionate to the slice; I've ordered 'all-dressed' pizzas from both places, and there's so much topping that you can barely tell you're eating pizza.

              Anyway, hope this is helpful.

            3. Personally I wish CH had a more populist moderation system, whereby the readers of a forum would have a say in what gets zapped and what stays. But lest I veer too far off topic and get zapped meself...

              Have you tried Prato on St. Laurent just south of Schwartz's? They've got the only coal-fired pizza oven in town, I'm pretty sure that's a tradition that originated in NYC, and their pizza is pretty amazing (though you've gotta eat it fast or it turns soggy in the center).

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                Prato has the only coal-fired pizza oven in Canada.

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                  The pizza is good at Pratos, but NYC style pizza it ain't.

                  The closest I came across was Euro Deli, and but dang it wasn't close enough.

                2. I agree with stevenmansour - if u want NY style, ya gotta go to NY, but this is not very much help with your noble quest.
                  I'm surprised you haven't had many misdirected responses such as "the best pizza in Montreal is...", which misses your question really, but I digress.

                  I don't necessarily seek out NY style in Montreal (given up), but there is a bit of a trick that can be used.
                  1. Scope out a pizza joint that serves by the slice and is open 'til the wee hours (better yet, keep a mental list of a few).
                  2. Enjoy yourself thoroughly at your favorite watering hole ("thouroughly" being key here).
                  3. Seek previously scoped out joint and order slice
                  4. Wait with wobbly knees while acne afflicted teenager tosses said slice of unknown provenance into the oven, perhaps making small talk with companion or other bystanders.
                  5. Enjoy slice with abandon

                  OK, not NY style, but with booze-induced near starvation, slightly skewed perception, and dulled senses, it often times does the trick.