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Nov 27, 2008 04:11 PM

Maple Lodge Zabiha Halal products

Has anyone tried these? I have a guest who eats Halal, and I was wanting to serve their buffalo chicken wings (

Any comments are appreciated!!!
Thanks. :)

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  1. I've seen some of those products at Price Chopper, believe it or not, but a surer bet might be NASR. Call first to make sure they carry the wings. If they don't, they might have some alternate suggestions for you.

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        NASR,,,,,,,middle eastern grocery along the Lawrence ave east strip mostly m-eastern stores.bounded bet. Warden ave. to Kennedy

        1. re: eliisadick

          Nasr and most of the Middle Eastern stores on Lawrence are actually west of there, between Warden and Victoria Park.

          1996 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

    1. I find Maple Lodge Farms products generally of poor quality and unexciting (often actually unpleasant) taste. YMMV of course. I do acknowledge never having tasted those wings, which might be just fine.

      I wish I could direct you to a source of impeccable Halal products, but I can't. Most people I know who observe Halal do not eat convenience foods at home. I know Nasr carries a brand called Crescent, which I have never tried. I have sampled Crescent deli products and found them wanting. I'm not sure whether they carry Maple Lodge Farms. They have a new Halal fresh meat counter, which I also haven't tried.

      There are several exclusively Halal stores (Nasr and Arz are not strictly Halal) in both the Lawrence E and Thorncliffe Park areas. I can advise from experience that the Halal shops along Gerrard do not carry high quality meat.

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        Iqbal is the large middle eastern grocer in Thorncliffe Park

        Iqbal Kebab
        2 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ON M4H, CA

      2. i have used these before for the same situation. basically the same as any other boxed wings. good (hey, i like boxed wings) but not very spicy. you may need to add a little spice before cooking them if you like really hot wings ( i toss them in a little frank's sauce before baking). i never follow the directions, as i like my wings crispy. i use a little PAM on the baking sheet to crisp them up more and at the end of the cooking time i finish them under the broiler.

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          Hmm, if they're gonna be okay, I think that's acceptable. Embee's comment "I find Maple Lodge Farms products generally of poor quality and unexciting (often actually unpleasant) taste" kinda worried me... but I'll ask my Muslim friend to see where she gets her wings and then see where else I could try. I just thought for convenience sake I could bake 'em and not worry about picking them up from somewhere....

          Any Halal grocers in Mississauga I could try?