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Nov 27, 2008 03:59 PM

ISO Vancouver, moderate, Italian, French or West Coast

'Hounds, I come to you hat in hand for help. Chowish Mum is looking for a place to dine out with her three female friends next Friday night. Nothing too out there as one is fairly middle of the road. Italian, French, Greek, or West Coast would fit the bill. Ambiance should be dignified but not stuffy, and ability to talk without howling is a big plus. By moderate I mean mains in the lowish $20s.

Ideally downtown, but a short jaunt from Granville and Georgia would work eg I thought of Bistro Bistrot as it is just over the bridge.

All ideas appreciated!

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  1. Compagnolo will be open by then (if she and friends wouldn't mind the sketchy hood). Or Piato perhaps. (All of a sudden we have all sorts of Italian and Greek options.)

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    1. Maybe, La Brasserie? Haven't been as it's so new, but these reviews caught my eye! &

      1. I have a very similar group of friends (its scary) and we have tried a number of things on our annual gathering with the added stipulation that it should be reasonably accessible from the burbs (Delta). So in the past we have tried:

        -Ouisi on South Granville: very warm and cozy atmosphere, the food is fine (not chowy, but that's fine with this group).
        -Red Door Pan Asian Grill (is this the right name?): nope, don't do it.
        -Soma on South Main: quite fun, better food, atmosphere also quite nice, wine and beer (not so cocktaily).

        Last time we were on South Main we made a brave and overambitious plan to eat our ways South over the next couple years but given that we have 8 kids ranging from 1 to 10 between us this would take the next decade to find the time. Sooo, I look forward to hearing your choice (go Salade des Fruits as I am curious). We are thinking Les Faux Bourgeois this year as it is convenient for some. I think it sounds too far out of your way? I feel like there should be the perfect Italian place out there, but it is escaping me completely.

        Have fun!

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        1. re: waver

          Thanks for all your thoughts -- I think Piato is the best option so far given my parameters.

          I think for this group Campagnolo would be ideal if they had been up and running for a bit longer to offset the 'hood issues :-).

          Salade de Fruits is great (right near my work) but I think a bit too casual for this situation.

          Will float La Brasserie but again maybe a bit too new. These ladies want a bit of a tried and true place.

          I think they're not so keen on the Asian options right now. And I have a feeling Soma might be too "young" (sorry for the ageism).

          Faux Bo would be great I think but a bit too far away...

          Keep the ideas coming! And thanks!

          1. re: grayelf

            Piato has very poor reviews to date-apart from one obvious shill that all say the same thing-poor service/food unexceptional and worse.

            It was empty when I walked by 10 minutes ago (Friday night).


        2. lowish 20's for good French = Pied A Terre on Cambie
          Mid 20's is Mistral on West Broadway
          lowish 20's for Italian = Trattoria on West 4th

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          1. re: bangkok

            Trattoria might be a bit noisy and "young" in ambiance.
            Pied a Terre is a great suggestion
            For Greek, I've heard good things about Appollonia... but haven't been myself

            1. re: twinkienic

              So here's the list I prepped for Mum, somewhat arbitrary and wandering a tad from the stated budget in a couple of cases. Please advise if any of these options fill you with horror :-).

              Thanks all.

              Campagnolo with caveat re location and recent opening
              Bistrot Bistro
              Pied A Terre
              La Bodega
              Savory Coast
              Tequila Kitchen
              Transylvania Flavour
              Uva Wine Bar or Cibo Trattoria
              La Brasserie
              Jules Bistro
              Cassis Bistro

              1. re: grayelf

                Savoury Coast is now closed Romy Prasad is now exec @ SoCial

                1. re: vandan

                  Thanks, vandan -- that is ringing a bell. Guess I shouldn't rely on the VanMag listings so heavily despite their much-improved search functions and some updates eg they have Aurora listed as (sob!) closed already.

                  1. re: grayelf

                    I wanted to thank you all for your suggestions and let you know what transpired. Mum and Co. were psyched to try Cibo but it turns out they have a buy out of the resto tonight so no dice. Another of the group plumped for Griffin's at the Hotel Van and that suggestion carried the day. I know, I know not exactly in the parameters but go figure.