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Nov 27, 2008 03:01 PM

Save me from a Mandarin Xmas Party! (`sauga buffet dinner ideas [non-Asian])

Fellow hounds, I need your assistance.

The social committee at work is planning our yearly xmas party, and want to do a dinner-buffet. They've suggested Mandarin (ugh!) because it has "Canadian" as well as "Asian" fare (oh, I use both terms very loosely).

Are there ANY (any!) buffet-style dinner places you folks recommend as alternatives? Price needs to be akin to what you'd get at Mandarin, and the food cannot be exclusively Asian, as we've some very picky eaters on staff. Mississauga.


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  1. Sounds like my organization......................................

    Unfortunately, I have to agree that there's not a lot of buffet options in Mississauga. At least in Markham, they have Frankie Tomattos (Italian), which, is quite novel.

    Anyway. Your other alternative is Tucker's Marketplace at Heartland, which, I think, is even worse. You're doin' okay with Mandarin. HOWEVER, if you're still thinking Mandarin, go to the one in Brampton (Steeles and 410). MUCH better in quality. I'm assuming your committee is thinking of the Mandarin at Matheson and Hurontario?

    OR, is Japanese all-you-can-eat an option?

    1. There is a place called Imperial Buffet in Mississauga, Dixie-Dandas. It is the same idea as Mandarin, but much better, IMO.

      1. I can't say too much. I've defended Mandarin on this board before. Now I do concede that not all are created equally and I am fortunate enough to have a brand new one near me.
        I guess all I'm saying is, go into it knowing it's neither "Canadian" or "Chinese" but for the most part, I can find plenty of tasty items to keep me happy.

        Drink up and enjoy.


        1. Totally agree to go to the Brampton 410/Steeles location! This place isn't bad at all as far as a buffet goes..
          Tuckers is unbelievably terrible.

          1. Thanks for the replies.
            I've had poor experiences at Imperial, and it's more or less the same as Mandarin, as you've said (that is, low to mediocre at best). The group is indeed aiming for the Matheson/Hwy10 Mandarin locale, but I have forwarded the suggestion for the one off the 410 to them; looks nice enough from the highway I s'pose. Nothing else springs to mind, huh?

            BTW - *Completely* agree w.r.t. Tucker's -- yech!