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Nov 27, 2008 01:11 PM

melted chocolate

I've been told many times to make sure that water doesn't get into my chocolate when using a double boiler or else the chocolate will seize and become grainy.

but then so many people say to add a tablespoon of fresh brewed coffee to your chocolate to bring out the taste.

I apologize to coffee lovers everywhere, but I'm thinking brewed coffee isn't much more than water ...

how does that work exactly?

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  1. You're right, brewed coffee IS like adding water, spoiling the texture of your melted chocolate. I've found that adding a good quality freeze-dried instant coffee (pushed through a fine sieve with the back of a spoon) is a better alternative than the brewed coffee idea.

    Choc on !!

    1. I agree with oziguydownunder. Adding brewed coffee to my chocolate has never worked well. I sometimes dump dried coffee into my spice grinder and create something close to coffee dust, which I blend with the chocolate.

      1. Are you using the melted chocolate for candy or ganache where the texture of the choco will matter? If not, add the coffee later during the course of whatever it is you're making. You can add it alongside oil, sugar, flour, eggs... during some step where the chocolate will have stuff added to it that'll help "buffer" it against seizure-causing liquid.

        1. i never use brewed coffee - instant espresso powder is the way to go!

          1. thanks everyone - I was sure I was losing my mind on that one

            I'm not much of a baker, but when I don the apron for my Christmas baking this year, I'll be reaching for the instant stuff!