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Nov 27, 2008 01:00 PM

Heavy Cream--Winnipeg

I'm looking for heavy cream (40% butterfat) as opposed to whipping cream (35% butterfat). I have a new cookbook that says whipped cream made with heavy cream tastes much better than whipped cream made with whipping cream. Who knew. I've looked at Safeway and the Superstore, but they don't seem to have it.

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  1. You'll have to drive south to the US to get heavy cream. The dairy industry, like many other industries in Canada, is heavily regulated and you can't get cream above 35% in Manitoba, or in the rest of Canada (or not much above 35%, anyway, and definitely not as high as 40%).

    If you still want to try, ask around at Organza or Humboldt's Legacy (the food side). If you were to find it, it would most likely be at one of the granola-like places.

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    1. re: prasantrin

      Do you know the reason for the regulation?

      1. re: sojo16

        I have no idea--it's such an odd rule, isn't it? There's a Dairy Board in Winnipeg you could try calling to ask. I'd do it, but I'm not in Canada at the moment.

        1. re: sojo16

          I assume that the regulation isn't specifically a ban on cream above 35% fat.

          I do know that, as mentioned, the Canadian dairy industry is quite regulated/subsidized and many small farmers all sell their milk to a handful of large processors. Maybe this is more of a case of the major dairy processors not offering heavy cream? If so, that is only indirectly linked to the regulation of the market.

        2. re: prasantrin

          Not sure your info is correct as we have a 52% cream made by Vital Greens available here in Calgary at Blushlane and Sunnyside's one of the best creams I've come across.

          1. re: a voce

            Is it labelled as "double cream"? Double cream is usually in the upper 40's (clotted cream in the 50s) and is not the same as whipping cream or heavy cream. It can be whipped, but is more tempermental than whipping or heavy cream. I've heard it is sometimes available from small producers, but it isn't a mass-market product in Canada.

              1. re: a voce

                Interesting. The Dairy Farmers of Canada don't even have a category for "heavy cream" on their website.


                I wonder how Vital Greens is getting around that.

            1. re: a voce

              May I ask the size of the container and price. thanks, I will be heading there this weekend.

              Just curious because it's such a high %, can you pour it, or more like clotted cream I would expect.

              1. re: kritafo

                It's a 250ml size, under $4. Give it a good shake to pour and throw a little water afterward to get the rest that's stuck to the sides.

          2. Try Gort's in Salmon Arm, BC. Their cream is close to 40%