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Nov 27, 2008 12:16 PM

dinner out while 'cleansing'

so I have volleyball tonight at Coxwell/Danforth and have been asked to suggest a quick dinner spot beforehand.

I'm cleansing which means no empty carbs, no saturated fats, limited dairy and all I can think of is:
Quattro Regazze (pasta)
Thai on Danforth (meh)
El Sol (time restraints)

IS there even anything else around there?

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    1. Probably too late now, but Mocha Mocha on Danforth between Chester and Pape is pretty 'cleansing-friendly'.

      1. Live Organic Food Bar 264 Danforth St. Raw Vegan is as cleansing as you can get!

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        1. re: Mike from Hamilton

          Great restaurant but I think you meant to say 264 Dupont. Not really in the area but may be worth the trip.

        2. i would go to relish at woodbine -- they have a celiac menu so that's no gluten and lots of veggie stuff.

          1. Thanks everyone - I ended up "working late", running home, eating the mixed bean, tomato and kale soup (better than you'd expect really) in my fridge and skipping the dinner portion of the festivities all together.

            they're all great suggestions! I was so caught up on "Coxwell & Danforth" that my brain stopped working properly. Mocha Mocha would have been perfect! Relish would have been great, too, had we more people, but it was only two of us...