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Nov 27, 2008 11:39 AM

Now Thats a Sandwich

You are driving aimlessly around the intersection of Langstaff and Jane. You are hungry. You head up to Edilcan Drive and go west to Vincentina Meats. From Mon to Fri they have a "panino bar". You order the "porchetta with roasted peppers on a long". $6.81 with tax. You will now sit in your car and have one of the top ten sandwiches of your life. I did.

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  1. I agree...although I have only had a whole porchetta and not the sandwich from the panino bar, but it is bloody or cold.

    1. Oh man..i've never been!!

      Well, although its MUCH more of a chain... the Sandwich Box also has seriously amazing sandwiches.. It always blows my mind to find out SO many Torontonians haven't experienced Sandwich Box yet... DELISH ! and also under $10

      You pick your fresh bread, pick your protein, pick your grilled veggie, pick your gourmet spread, pick a cheese, and they top it off with lemon and olive oil... grill that baby up.. and serve it in a nice box with some yummy tossed green salad.

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        I love Sandwich Box. I was a dedicated patron of their Queen Street location and now regularly venture to the RBC foodcourt and occasionally to the one by the Bay. I've been there countless times and had nothing but great experiences. Until yesterday.

        I went to the RBC foodcourt location. I ordered a sandwich that included arugula. I have such complete trust in the sandwich and salad makers there that I put my blind faith in them. So when I saw the last fellow in the sandwich making line wailing on a lemon like it had done him wrong in a past life, it didn't really register.

        Upon opening my sandwich box the first thing I noticed that that the arugula was about 2 inches thick. Way too much for my taste, and probably not economical for the store, but easily picked off. When I took a bite I tasted nothing but the 1 or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice on my sandwich. That, unfortunately, you can't pick off. The taste was so overpowering it completely ruined the taste of the sandwich.

        I am hoping that this was a new sandwich-maker who hasn't quite got the job down pat yet. I would be willing to forgive that, although at $10 a pop I don't appreciate being a trainee's guinea pig. But the side salad was also lacklustre. The beautifully shredded carrots were absent. There was a preponderance of bitter greens in the salad mix, and the dressing had a distastefully high vinegar to oil ratio.

        Thinking my low view of the salad might be influenced by my disappointment with the sandwich, I asked my dining companion "don't you love these little salads that come with the sandwiches?" To which she replied, "Yes, but this one is terrible."

        I'm hoping this is an isolated incident and not a harbinger of things to come. Certainly it will take more than one bad experience to turn me off. But I wonder, has anyone else been there lately? What was it like? My fingers are crossed that you've had some good experiences lately. There are so few good lunch places around, it would be very sad to see such a good one go downhill.

        1. re: basileater

          It's a Wrap in Liberty Village is doing a Sandwich Box type of thing with quality ingredients, but considerably cheaper. I spoke with the owner and he was excited to tell me how he comes in and caramelizes his own onions and grills the peppers fresh every day.

      2. Just went there for lunch today. Had the porchetta with roasted peppers, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. It was very good. All toppings are 50 cents, except for mushrooms and onions which are free. The cheese was totally unnecessary, especially because it sits on the bottom of the sandwich and is kind of absorbed by the bread. Plus, the pork is fatty and moist enough without it.

        You also can buy the porchetta on its own for $9.99/lb. To me, this is a good alternative to all the usual veal/chicken/meatball panini places in this area. Next time, I think I'll try the sandwich with rapini.

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        1. re: Crispier Crouton

          Sorry, which one did you go to, Cirspier Crouton? Was it It's a Wrap, or Sandwich Box?

          Sandwich Box
          238 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z7, CA

          1. re: jennjen18

            looks like he was responding to the OP, so it would be Vincentina Meats