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Nov 27, 2008 11:16 AM

Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving in D.C. Area?

Hi, For some noma (out of state based) GWU College Students with no place to go on Thanksgiving, may I please ask for a selection of restaurants in GWU proximal distance that are open, not for a large party, but for a Thanksgiving Meal? It does not need to be the traditional T.G. American Faire. Please give guidance to this concerned foody Mom in California, so I can let my D.C. Offspring know A.S.A.P.!! - Thanks!, JET ps.
My e-mail is

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  1. A couple of recent threads are below. Generally the news is good in that quite a few places are open, but when including ethnic options, the choices REALLY open up.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Thanks, Dennis! It turned out the Georgia Brown's was such a place, but their reservations filled up weeks in advance. Indian Food was ordered in! It always seems Ethnic, non-American Restaurants are generally the ones that have services for delivery or are open on National holidays. In any case, I'd love to hear if you find out about more restaurants that were/are open on T.G. as we'll have the same need again for the next two years. Hope you had a great holiday. It was terrific here in California!! Best, JET

      1. re: Jet

        I did, thanks. Hope yours was good as well.

        Glad it turned out well for the kids. I'm out in the burbs, though, now and don't get into town all that much except for business meetings during the week.

        Enjoy the weather for us, please! It's gray and cool here.