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Nov 27, 2008 09:10 AM

Good Artisan Bread Bakeries?

Are there any good artisan bakeries that aren't chain stores (like Panera or La Madelaine) in the DC Metro area? Baltimore would be good, too, although I'm not as familiar with that location. Meanwhile, I gotta hold on till Landover or Crofton Wegmans open for business . . .

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  1. For delicious bread in Baltimore, hit Bonaparte Bakery right on the water at Fell's Point---they also have a wood oven outpost in the lower floor of Savage Mill, closer to DC Metro Area. Authentic and delicious french breads and pastries; owner bears uncanny resemblance to the original Napoleon which is something fun they like to riff off. Here are some links:

    bon appetit!

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      Bonaparte is also at the Dupont Farmers Market on Sundays.

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        I also like Atwater's bread at Dupont Farmers Market, though I don't go there very often. I'm pretty interested in this thread, it seems like a bit of a challenge to find good bread around here.

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        I tried a Bonapartes croissant today.. it was pretty decent, I had a Poupon croissant earlier in the week (yes Ive been trying to find good croissants in baltimore). The poupon croissant was smaller and darker, but also sweeter and not in a good way. The bonapartes was large and flaky, yet chewy at the same time. Again, not chewy in a good way, but Id prefer it to Poupon. Didnt try any of the breads this morning but they looked great and the ducks sure liked them.. I'll have to go back and try (great hot chocolate, too).

        All that being said, I think the whole foods croissant for better or worse is still the one to beat in the area.

      3. The best artisinal bread I have found anywhere near DC is from quail creek farm in West Virginia. They sell at farmers markets around DC but they're mostly closed for the season. I don't know if they distribute in Baltimore but you can contact them and find out.

        Another very good place is Best Buns in Shirlington. Not really convenient for you though.

        1. Baguette Republic in Falls Church City puts out some impressive stuff.

          1. Atwater's in Baltimore is good--in Belvedere Square.