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Nov 27, 2008 09:00 AM

Good sushi near Concordia

My husband and I have recently become regulars at a new sushi place on Maisonneuve West at Guy, across from Concordia's new building, called Sushi Yu Mi - it is next to a Quizno's on the north side of the street, and is the best we've had so far in the neighborhood - always fresh, interesting combinations such as tuna and blueberry or black tiger shrimp and yams, and reasonable prices. They seem to be struggling to get customers in the restaurant-saturated quarter. I'd hate to see my new favorite sushi place go under after only a few months, so give them a try if you're in the area.

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  1. What are the prices like (for lunch)?

    I've been meaning to try this place and wondering why no one had mentioned it here yet.

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      My husband and I usually order a la carte, and we spend around $40 before taxes for an appetizer (usually tempura), several rolls, and tea for the two of us. They also have lunch specials where you can get an assortment of pieces for between 10 and 15 dollars. These tend to be simpler, more traditional rolls as opposed to the more creative ones on the main menu.

    2. Hmm I went there soon after it opened and was really underwhelmed, the service was disorganized and they were annoyed to have to deal with my friend's allergy request. The food was just okay, I prefer Kanto in the Faubourg.

      1. Tried Sushi Yu Mi a few days ago. It was alright. Nothing spectacular, but I'll probably go back once in a while.

        I wasn't wild about the sushi with fruit in it (we tried one with mango and shrimp tempura) but it was alright. It was $6.95 (five pieces) which I found a little steep. I did like their spicy scallop nigiri and the spicy tuna maki. We also tried the gyoza which I thought were quite good.

        They also have these rolls they call Numaki which are basically newfangled vietnamese summer rolls cut into slices and served with peanut dipping sauce. One we tried had beef, lemongrass, vermicelli noodles, daikon. Another had fish, shallot confit, chives, cucumbers. I found these pretty good - like a fancy version of the kind of roll you'd get in a Vietnamese restaurant. Two of these and an appetizer would make a nice light lunch. They cost $4.95 each.

        The menu is online at if anyone is interested.

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          Thanks for the report, mainsqueeze.

          Here's the link without the typo ;)

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            yumi is definitely a lot better for the price than most places in the hood. i haven't had any of the fruity rolls but i found the rice well prepared and the rolls i had simple and flavourful. the rolls are a little on the small side but they make up for it in quality. i would definitely say it is a cut above kanto in the faubourg - by a long shot.

            1. re: celfie

              Have you tried Odaki? I think it's decent too and for $15 you can get all you can eat at lunch. Went once. Thought it was pretty well prepared. If you want to have a large-ish meal you can't really beat that price.

              With Odaki, Kanto, and Yu Mi in the area, there's nothing that will blow you away, but there are a few decent options. (Forget Kanda!)