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Nov 27, 2008 07:55 AM

Going to O-Mei today for Birthday dinner - what to order?

Going to try O-Mei on Hwy 7 for the first time tonight for a birthday dinner with 5 people total. Already have in mind the lobster - but outside of that, what are some other things to try? What are some good "wok-hay" dishes to try as well?

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  1. My opinion of O-Mei lately is that it won't matter what you order because everything tastes the same!! Seems that everything is made in that same, sweet, sticky goop. Many, many, many years ago O-Mei was the "in" spot. But, I think their time has come and gone. I'd be interested to read tomorrow what your experience was like.

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    1. re: farmgirl1836

      Excuse me, but are we talking about the same O'Mei on Hwy7 and Valleymede? Don't forget there are two and the one on Steeles does not serve 'authentic Cantonese fare'!!
      'Same, sweet sticky goop'?!! Please kindly provide example! If everything is made the same and they are going downhill, then please explain how come they are packed everynight, including weekdays? I believe, fellow chowhounders like skylineR33, Royaljelly, BokChoi, Aser, tjr... and myself included never had a bad meal there!!
      BTW, none of the dishes I am going to recommend to cityplace below 'tasted the same'!! If their sweet and sour pork indeed tastes like their steamed turbot with top soya sauce then for sure they will be in BIG TROUBLE!! Ha!

      Don't forget, if your intention is to order the lobster four ways, you will be looking at 3 protein dishes and fried rice. So my first ' additional' dish will be to order their 'Stir fry Chinese broccoli (gai-lan) with Chinese rice wine, ginger and tile fish or beef'. I would also suggest the 'House special roasted free range chicken'. Their Steamed French Turbot with ginger,scallions and top soya sauce is great but a bit expensive. The soya sauce complimented the fried rice so well though. I also love their 'Steamed pork pate with diced water chestnut, Chinese mushrooms and Kowloon dried squid'. Their Sweet and sour pork, though 'sweet and sticky' was also very well executed. Lastly, the last time I was there, they have a Geoduck sashimi special for $66. Prestine fresh, well worth a try!! BTW, desserts are complimentary! The chilled chewy rice doughnut with mango stuffing is very very addictive!
      Bon Apetite!

      1. re: farmgirl1836

        I can never imagine O-mei being an "in" spot either it is 15~20 years old or now. This is just too funny. BTW, I second the recommendation of the expensive steamed French Turbot. But actually if you order the 10 lbs lobster 4 ways, it is already a lots of food !

        1. re: skylineR33

          I've always had the lobster 4 ways; we normally go in a group of four and it is more than enough for all of us. I'll look forward to trying the steamed turbot as well next time!

          1. re: tjr

            There is a very nice 10 courses (6 mains + a rice course + noodle course + 2 dessert) dinner set which feature the steamed whole French Turbot, "buddha jumps over wall" soup, dried whole conpoy, pan-fried lobster,etc. It is $285 for 5 people. If you feel like doing something else other than the lobster 4-way, it is a good alternative, only if you can get one more friend to join or eat the portion of 5.

        2. re: farmgirl1836

          I brought my friends from HK to O'Mei (Hwy 7) back in May and they loved it. We based our dish choices on suggestions from Charles and Skyline, since they know the menu pretty well. The only slightly sweet dish from the lobster 4 ways was the first one, where there is a hint of ?honey or some other sweetener added to enhance the flavour. But the remaining dishes were not sweet at all.

          I guess if one orders something like Lemon Chicken, Sweet n sour pork etc then I'm sure you'd get the impression of all the dishes being "sweet and sticky". In face, we inadvertantly did that once at another chinese resto that we never tried before and didn't know their menu. But I'd like to see farmgirl back up her rather generalized comment about this fine resto with some specific examples of what they ordered and when they were there last.

          1. re: farmgirl1836

            Perhaps the Steeles location isnt that good, but I sincerely hope you aren't talking about the highway 7 O-mei! Back in September when my family was in town, we must've gone there at least 4-5 times in a span of 10 days!

            Some other recommendations i'd like to make apart from the suggestions above (steamed fish really is a must!) are the Gan Bian Si Ji Dou (dry fried string beans) and the free range chicken. My mom is quite proud of her cooking, but even admits O-mei's string beans are the best she's ever tried!

            Even during some of my feasts on my recent trip to Hong Kong, we were still talking about how great some of the dishes at O-mei are!

            1. re: s0memale

              Hello fellow CHers
              Whilst chilling with a few foodie friends yesterday, I was told by the whole group that their current fav., is 'Big Mouth Kee' on Hwy7 ( same plaza as Ambassador ). Currently, they have a giant lobster two ways: Steamed with Chinese Shao Xing wine and Sauteed with Maggi sauce. I was told the maggie sauce version is as tasty as O'Mei's!! However, the main diference is the price! Half of what O'Mei is charging!! I was told, they also make an awesome B-B-Q duck!! Weekends are packed so try it weekdays. Thats my intention next week.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Yes, food at Big Mouth Kee is pretty good, price is more expensive than the nearby John's and Tanchikee but quality is good. Had a dinner there recently. They had lots of selection on the seafood with the big pond at the back.