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how to pit cherries, easily?

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my task is to pit 3 lbs of cherries without a cherry pitter. does any one have any tips?


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  1. Some people claim a paperclip does the trick - I have never tried using one.

    1. A plastic drinking straw - plunge through then blow. You'll lose a little plug of fruit, however.

      1. I've used a metal crochet hook--push in at the stem end, hook the bottom of the pit and pull out. Repeat until you're done or have to stop and scream for while!

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          When I went to write this down in my notebook of kitchen tips, I noticed a previous entry suggesting using the eye-removing tip of a potato peeler to pit cherries and hull strawberries.

        2. I saw them demonstrate the paper clip thing on gourmet.com! It looked really easy.

          1. A large old fashioned bobby pin works great, learned that from grandmother

            1. Wide pastry tip: stand it on the table- push cherry onto it and pop out the pit

              Pound a (clean) nail through a board, push cherry onto nail to push out pit.

              And no matter how you pit cherries, your hands and clothes will be a mess (but that's part of the fun!)

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                These are all brilliant! Thank you!

              2. I think it's worth investing in one of these - it does both cherries and olives quickly and easily: http://www.amazon.com/Leifheit-Stainl...

                Doesn't need to be this brand, I'm just using it as an example. I picked up mine for a buck at a yard sale years ago.

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                  I agree with BobB. Very handy device! I love mine.

                2. Probably too late by now, but I use a chopstick-- perfect size, and very little loss! I guess a knitting needle or something would have similar advantages, but since chopsticks already hang out in the kitchen, it's handy and avoids an extra device :)

                  There was also a post on this topic a while back:

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                    I was just going to chime in with a chopstick. Great minds1

                  2. The fastest and most effective way that I have found has been the paperclip/modified coathanger. The idea is to make a little hook that you reach into the cherry and pull out the pit. This will remove it in one move (or two depending on how you view it).

                    A cherry/olive pitter is a little slower because you have to place it into into the thing and plunge it, and sometimes it'll miss.

                    1. I saw someone suggested using the business end of a metal pastry tip. The kind for cake decorating works great for me.