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Guests the day after Thanksgiving?

We are having a couple of dear friends over tomorrow night (the day after Thanksgiving). This won't be a formal dinner by any means, but it should be nice. I don't want simply to repeat today's dinner, but I would like to use the leftover turkey and keep it somehow in the Thanksgiving spirit. Two other limitations:

(1). No Tetrazinni. Even when it's fancy, it doesn't feel to me like dinner for guests.

(2). No turkey chili. My friend makes a dynamite chili and I couldn't possibly compete.

Any suggestions for a fine, casual dinner that doesn't scream leftovers? Or should I scrap it and go with my Orchiette e Rape?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Have they had a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving? If so, I'd go with a very different entree. If you want to keep the spirit of the Holiday on your table, are there any sides you can serve? Sweet Potatoes, squash pie, etc?

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      In other words, you feel that turkey one day cancels out turkey the next, even in another form. Interesting. Other opinions?

    2. I wouldn't serve turkey again tomorrow. If you want to keep the theme Thanksgiving style, you can always serve a traditional vegetable side dish or dessert.

      Also, what if there is no turkey left over? I know in my family, there's never any leftovers.

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        Oh, there's plenty left over. It was just the four of us today. But yes, we are under no obligation to use the leftover turkey tomorrow. It;s just that I'm looking for creative ways to use it. Thanks and keep the suggestions coming.

      2. I would make a turkey pot pie and introduce another meat -- perhaps a small beef or pork roast, with a green salad. Depending upon their likes or dislikes, you add some other veggies. The pot pie is easy -- leftover chopped turkey, sauted carrots, peas, green beans (can be left over), gravy filling. Everyone remembers these from when they were little -- just try to avoid making it too runny. Another alternative is to put the pie filling into a casserole dish and top with biscuit dough, but a real pie is fun. Biscuits are highly recommended.,

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          I agree. If you have mini casserole dishes, even better.

        2. The Los Angeles Times had a terrific sounding turkey pot pie recipe in yesterday's paper - here's the link:

          I'm hoping my husband feels like making another crust so we can try this over the weekend.

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            If he doesn't, just drape a sheet of puff pastry over the top, paint it with beaten egg, plus 1 tablespoon cream and a pinch of salt. Every body gets the day off!
            I make individual pies from leftovers all the time and that's my time saver.

          2. My preferred French Onion Soup uses a combination of turkey stock and beef broth/beef base.

            Turkey Divan - there are numerous recipes but using a melting cheese like gruyere would make it more of a "company" dish.

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              I would make a soup from the bones then add turkey meat, leftover veggies, (last minute to heat through) and then scoop left over stuffing into muffin tins and bake until crispy...plop one of the stuffing "muffins" into the bottom of the bowkl and cover with soup

            2. Starter: Turkey broth with wontons. I did it today served in small coffee cups and used pork/leek potstickers. Added a squeeze of lime before serving. Just one or two covered with intensely flavored broth had my step mom swooning: "This is so good, I mean really this is so good..."

              Turkey curry: either Japanese made with the roux cubes, or a Thai coconut one. Served with fragrant hot rice. Offer a fresh cranberry-orange relish alongside.

              Veggie: A tart fresh salad. I like marinated cukes with some onion, but and tart slaw would be great.

              Dessert: Pumpkin bread with mango ice cream

              1. Well we don't have Thanksgiving over here in Blighty, but we do serve Turkey at Christmas and it's traditional to have the leftovers on Boxing Day. I usually have a bit of a do on the 26th and I usually serve cold cuts of turkey with baked ham and a nice selection of chutneys. I would also do a rich potato gratin, perhaps with some mushrooms as well, and a winter coleslaw. Make some mince pies for dessert and tell them you're harnessing your British heritage!

                Otherwise, I have a great recipe for turkey and sweetcorn meatballs at home....

                1. Fondue Friday.

                  Cheese and chocolate fondue.

                  1. Turkey divan. Chunks of white meat turkey, broccoli spears and a good cheese sauce over rice. This is one of the reasons I cook a turkey. It's my favorite leftover.

                    1. My brother just had an interesting suggestion: Peking Turkey. Get some pancakes, scallions, hoisin sauce, and put it together. I'm not sure I'm going with it, but it sounds cool.

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                        this sounds good. i actually made my turkey in a peking duck style this year, with fantastically crisp skin. i think i'll have to make pancakes for it, tomorrow. thanks (to you and your brother) for a great idea that i'm embarrassed not to've thought of, first!

                      2. And we have a winner! Thank you, greedygirl, for your suggestion. I put out slices of turkey with a few chutneys. I also put yesterday's stuffing in some muffin tins with a few eggs beat in to bind it together (thank you, bubbles4me). Add a fennel and pear salad and a good pinot rose and it worked quite well. Thanks to everyone for the ideas..