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Nov 27, 2008 05:45 AM

I think I may have made whipped sweet potato fudge, help!

Last night I boiled sweet potatoes,mashed them with butter, mixed them with no fat sweetened condensed milk, and a few good splashes of makers mark, and it's now in the fridge waiting to be baked later. I just thought of this - did I accidentally make sweet potato fudge? Will this be creamy after baking? If not can I save it? I know the mixture tastes delicious, but what did I create? Help...& happy thanksgiving!!!.

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  1. i would think the baking would dry it out . . . i would reheat in a double boiler with extra milk, if it were me. i don't think it will be like fudge at all, but it won't be as creamy after you bake it. if you have to bake it because of stovetop issues, i'd cover it really well before you do.

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      I was planning to top it with marshmallows and bake, but I think I will do like you say, wamr it up, add the milk and then give it a quick bake to brown the topping only. Thanks!

      1. re: michele cindy

        oh, i see. in that case, i would stir some extra milk into in the pan you are using and then bake it. i would take it out of the fridge now so it comes up to temperature faster, too. i wouldn't waste the extra pan making a double boiler. i'm pretty sure the marshmallow will obscure any possible issues with the sweet potatoes.