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Nov 27, 2008 05:27 AM

MSP--- Big Daddy's this Weekend...?

Does anyone happen to know if Big Daddy's will be up and running this weekend or are they taking the holiday off? I have some family in from out of town and just thought some great BBQ would make for a nice break from leftovers..... As far as I know, they don't have a website I can check, but I may be out of the loop about that......

Thanks for any info, and I hope everyone here has a great Thanksgiving....

Uncle Ira

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  1. According to the Pioneer Press /, Big Daddy's has a telephone. Try this: 651-222-2516.

    Here's hoping you get some good BBQ this weekend!


    Big Daddy's Saturday Barbecue
    609 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55103

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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      Silly me... Never even thought to look for a phone number. Thanks, Anne.... I'll give them a call tomorrow. That turkey still tastes great, but I'm ready for something else...

      Uncle Ira

      1. re: Uncle Ira

        they are open until 8:30 today, Sat. 11/29.

    2. With out-of-town family passing through on their way home, I decided on Big Daddy's BBQ and Mississippi Market's salads for a meal. I was shocked when we got to Big Daddy's that their last day at their location is October 18th - ONLY TWO WEEKENDS LEFT!!!!

      St. Paul, is going to need extra help for the wonderful, small, family owned businesses to survive 5 YEARS of lightrail building. Big Daddy's is looking for a "short term" lease to use in the duration, but they are also worried about how many families will be wiped out due to construction etc.

      This is kind of a plea to all to head to University Ave. in St. Paul and show solidarity and loyalty to those wonderful restaurants that operate along the way (and may I add - at your best price point for quality!!!!)

      If you have NEVER had Big Daddy's before, it's smoked and grilled without sauce, and the sauce is added later. I'm not a connoisseur, and I never made the bbq tasting put on by the MSP group a couple years ago, but I LOVE Big Daddy's and so does my family and all I introduce it to!!

      We considered Brasa for "SIDES", but knew the salt content was way too much for two of the eaters. So, instead, we just drove up Dale St . and pulled into Mississippi Market and picked up a couple salads and a squash. All three items, the portobello pasta bowtie salad was as good as the quinoa salad - and the butternut squash (we baked whole ) were all great!!!

      Brasa on Grand in St.Paul is GREAT!! But...more importantly, University Ave is in need of visits and focus. I encourage others to visit Big Daddy's in the next two weeks, and I encourage EVERYONE to visit Little Schezhuan, Saigon, Ngon, just to name three....but there are many, many, many more that will die if not noted and frequented!!

      The bad thing is....they "SAY" they'll do it in sections, but apparently, there are massive utility issues that will impact all, at the same time, for updates to be installed.

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      1. re: tart1

        Thanks for this reminder. We were driving down University around 8:30 (coming from Ngon!) and saw a sign that said BBQ and a van being loaded. I suspected it was Big Daddy's (not being sure exactly where we were) and was surprised they were open that late.

        So that and your post is a good reminder to get there before the end of the season. Are they takeout only? I seem to vaguely recall discussion on this list of a dining area.

        1. re: tart1

          OMG - Big Daddy's is moving and/or closing?!?!?!? Light rail isn't supposed to start for MONTHS, if not a year - and Big Daddy's is on Dale so they have cross-street traffic to guarantee access. Instead, I suspect that it's related to the corner development project that booted Saigon and the police station long ago.

          That being said, however, the light-rail construction issue is a Biggie with a Capitol B. Especially where Univ Ave food is concerned. I'm the world's biggest light rail proponent, but I'm also EXTREMELY concerned about the construction effect on University Ave's small businesses. We've got to make sure that these wonderful, essential businesses don't suffer. I don't want ANY of my favorite places to close. The East Lake Street construction hurt several small businesses, and I DO NOT want that to happen on University Ave.

          Me, I'll try to personally save Ngon, Saigon, Bon Xai, Trieu Chao, Russian Tea House, Cupcake, U Garden, Caspian, and Hoa Bien. (Though I may have to eat my weight in food every day during the construction years!)


          1. re: AnneInMpls

            I put in a call regarding their catering. According to Ron Whyte, they are planning on re-entering the new development once it is developed, which should take about a year.

            As far as light rail... Big government projects are a boon to those who have the cash to lobby for a piece of the action, and a bane to those who do not. That's all I'm going to say about that...

            1. re: kevin47

              I'm all for helping out by continuing my own normal almost weekly visits to the restaurants on University, however I regretfully cannot bear to eat at my beloved Little Szechuan again. Their food has taken a turn for the worse imo. Even that name dropping elitist cheftool Andrew Zimmern is blogging about their decline.

              1. re: kevin47

                I concur about the need to pay special attention to the University Ave. treasures. We will do our part.

                But I'm hazy about what Big Daddy's will be doing.

                Is there a new development going up near where they are now that will be there when the light rail is finished?

                What is known about that?

                1. re: karykat

                  Yes, they are planning to be a part of the new development. Presumably that means there is a new development.

                  Name-dropping elitist cheftool? Really?

          2. I went to Big Daddy's last weekend. Outstanding...the best BBQ I've had in this area.

            I hope they hang on through all the construction nonsense.

            1. To confirm what Kevin says above: According to Aaron at the Heavy Table, Big Daddy's is moving temporarily while the building is renovated.


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              1. re: AnneInMpls

                Big Daddy's has signage up that they'll be back up on March 5, on the northwest corner of Dale & University (across Dale from their old digs). More information:


                1. re: shyestviolet

                  GREAT news. :) I can't wait to get back.

                  1. re: shyestviolet

                    Holy cow! My friends and I tried to get Big Daddy's for an early dinner (6pm) this past Saturday and their place was packed with people waiting in line! Turns out they had temporarily run out of almost everything except some chicken and were handing out numbers for those waiting for ribs and tips. We debated staying, but hunger got the best of us and we sadly gave up our number. I'm excited they're back in business and can't wait to get some ribs! Congratulations on a VERY successful opening weekend, Big Daddy's! :)

                    1. re: frogger8

                      We went this past weekend as well. Saturday at 5, they were out of everything. We came back around 7 and got rib tips. They were out of chicken and ribs were going to be 2 hours. The tips were excellent. So glad to see them back in business.

                      1. re: frogger8

                        Great news! I'll definitely be making a trip this weekend.

                  2. Great little shop. I tried the pork rib tips and the meat was phenomenal. The sides, however, were not that great. Don't bother with the coleslaw, potato salad, or greens. But I'll definitely be making a trip back for their pork.