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Nov 27, 2008 05:05 AM

Sunday breakfast/brunch suggestions?

Hi everyone! We are spending Sat night in the city (coming from Doylestown) & will need to go somewhere for breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning. We are staying at the Hyatt in Penns Landing. Is there a good place that is convenient to that location. We will probably go eat somewhere before heading home, so will be driving. Thanks!

Oh, and there are two of us (husband and I).

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  1. It would be a drive but, IMHO, the Four Seasons has the best Sunday brunch in the city

    1. On the total opposite end of the scale from the Four Seasons (i.e., a very tiny, not at all fancy, inexpensive, and walking distance from the Hyatt), is Cafe Fulya, a Turkish cafe, at 2nd and Monroe (just south of South Street). Also has the benefit of taking you through the Head House Farmers Market, so you can pick up gorgeous fall fruit or other snacks for the drive home.

      1. Cafe Estelle at 444 North 4th Street. Just go down Columbus (which is where your hotel is) and head North, turn left onto Spring GArden and left again on 4th. Halfway down on your right.
        THE BEST BRUNCH EVER!!!!!!!!

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          Second. Cafe Estelle is definitely very good and very reasonable as a brunch option, and if there's already a car involved, it's also a fairly convenient option. It's easy to get to and there's parking right nearby.

          However, Lacroix is widely considered one of the (if not *the*) best brunch spots in the city.

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            damn. i've been loyal to north third for years now and found nothing that comes close (have not yet been to lacroix, which sounds like a different league), but my brunch yesterday at cafe estelle might have me reevaluating this!! i need to go back a couple more times because SO MANY things on the menu called to me. we ended up getting two things and splitting them: a spinach, tomato and goat cheese omelette, and a pumpkin cream cheese stuffed french toast. this was a hard choice. this chef really knows how to put together a menu that calls to people. best way i can explain that is; usually when i go to a restaurant one thing will stand out over everything else, but here i was hungry for EVERYthing. all choices seemed created equal. vegetarian options galore. lemon mascarpone crepes - i will get these next time.

            the omelette was superb - flavors were so bright and pronounced. it was the best omelette i have ever had. yep. coffee was delicious as well. the stuffed french toast was admittedly not our thing - too sweet and too heavy. the bread was very pound-cakey and the pumpkin cream cheese was super rich, and with the maple syrup it was just too much to eat more than a few bites. we agreed that stuffed french toast (generally speaking, but including the version at cafe estelle) is better in theory than in practice. i've actually never liked a stuffed french toast. but i do love french toast and i love pumpkin, which is why i went for it. so i won't detract many points for that - instead, i'm looking forward to going back to try those mascarpone crepes. my only other minor complaint is the homefries that come with the omelette. after a stellar omelette the homefries are - eh. just bland, just filler. i would have preferred something a little more special that what i fry up in the skillet at home when i'm lazy. a latke maybe? :)

            one thing i really like about this place is its efficiency. rather than worrying about placing your forearms down on a table you've dirtied with syrup and spilled coffee and waiting for the check (i hate getting syrupy forearms), you just make a note of your table number and walk up to the register on your own time, and your check is waiting there for you. that's a wonderful system, and i wish more places would employ it! convenient for the customer, efficient for the restaurant.

            anyway i'll report back after i've had that crepe. :) based on my wonderful omelette though i would definitely recommend this place.

          2. Lacroix at the Rittenhouse is my favorite

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              Lacroix is my favorite as well. Headed there tomorrow as a matter of fact.